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Re: Exfoliative Cheilitis Survey by Newb2EC ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   8/5/2020 7:03:48 PM ( 31 months ago ago)
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So, casual picking, peeling, ripping off by accident and then it bleeds, touching, playing with it, poor care/hygiene, etc. The lip condition that you have now (EC) could've been caused by something you did YEARS AGO. It never went away because you kept messing with it, when you should have just left them alone. Examples of "messing with it" is licking them, picking them, peeling them, biting them, smoking, drinking, experimenting with them, smoking weed changes the brain damages nerves in the brain and causes psychoactive hallucinations, which is all causing even more trauma to the lips!

My advice is don't put anything on your lips at all and just leave them alone, and just let it heal naturally. Just try to live a better life overall. Take care of the inside of the body as well. Drink water, eat healthier. Don't put yourself in tramuatizing situations. Also, stop smoking, drinking, licking your lips, picking at your lips, etc. I know you might have an urge to pick them but trust me that's the main reason why you still have EC. (well, one of the main reasons)

Remember, trauma, trauma, trauma. That's the enemy. Avoid it all all costs. Physical, mental, chemical, etc. Only God could tell you why you have this lip condition, it's really different and unique causes for each person. No one 100% knows why it started. But I think that it was some sort of trauma to the point where your body couldn't take anymore and gave up. And now you're stuck with EC and it's hard to get rid of it now. There's a billion trillion different sources of where that trauma could've came from for each individual person who got EC.

But we do know, however, is what NOT to do. That's no licking, no picking, peeling, etc. You get the point. Be gentle as possible with them and be very cautious. Most people who had EC got it in their late teens. They got in when they were fairly young, not at aged 50-60.. So, It's mostly young people.. Young people probably were not focused on how much damage they were causing to their lips. I guess they didn't realize what they were doing to themselves until it was too late..

Some people need braces, others need to gently exfoliate their lips, some need to stop picking/peeling/pulling/ripping their lips until the rip off a peice and it bleeds. Other people may need to exercise/socialize more.

But EC could be cured, and the only way to do that is to take care of the body, mind, and soul. And of course, your lips. Quit the bad habits. We all cut/trim our hair, we all trim our nails, we all get sick from time to time, we all brush teeth and floss daily, etc... There are a trillion and one different causes for EC, so I can't tell YOU exactly what to do. But hopefully you will find the way. And even when you are cured from EC you should and probably would still do everything that you were doing while you cured it. This is kind of like a mini "lifestyle" change. So, Quit those bad habits and just overall try to live a better life. Every little thing counts. If you have any questions about Exfoliative Cheilitis or just in general feel free to drop a reply and I'll try my best to answer as soon as possible.Thank you for reading this far everyone. Take care & have a great day!

- Newb2EC

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