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Re: Exfoliative Cheilitis Survey by Newb2EC ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   7/30/2020 10:40:54 PM ( 32 months ago ago)
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P.S. - Exfoliative Cheilitis is a lot like calluses. Once you get a callus, if you use tramua and are too agressive with trying to remove it, the callus comes back... But if you leave the callus alone, and keep living your life with an optomistic outlook, eventually that callus will heal on its own. It would still be a little bit there, but it would look way more natrual and way better than if you were to aggressively try to remove it, because then it would just come back because that would cause trauma to the callus.

Once the callus is healed after about a few months of leaving it alone, it would still be there a little, but now all you have to do is gently exfoliate it once a day for a few minutes a day using a pumice stone, gently remove the dry, flaky, dead skin cells. Eventually the callus will 99.99% be gone and you will forget that you ever had it.

The same thing applies to EC... Be gentle with it, be patient, leave it alone and let it build up, because before you know it the EC will heal on it's own as long as you leave it alone. Then once you're cured, make sure to keep leaving it alone, this means (no picking your lips, no peeling it, no ripping it off and bleeding anymore.) Once you're healed, just like with the callus situation, you're gonna want to GENTLY exfoliate your lips to maintain them and keep leaving them alone. Because if you pick at them, for example, you pick at your lips, peeling it off, and by accident you pull it and rip it off, now it starts to bleed. Guess what? Now it's going to form a scab, and you will have "EC" again, and you'll have to start over/your progress will be set back, and we don't want that.. You would then have to repeat the cycle and that could take a few days, maybe even a week, etc.

Just remember these tips and I hope to hear good news of your EC being cured very soon.

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