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My Main Methods for staying Well From the Virus Covid -19 by Johny Apple Bomb ..... Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 Forum

Date:   4/15/2020 4:12:35 AM ( 13 months ago ago)
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Alternative ways of protection from the Corona virus. I am not a doctor and these are non approved by authorities. I have been dabbling with this stuff for years with good results. You are an adult and can decide for yourself if you want to try these methods.

1. Get an electrode type silver solution generator. Make sure it has a 1 mA current limiter and auto shut off when it reaches about 20 PPM. You can drink as much or as 8 ounces per day. I'm taking an ounce per day. ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER AND PURE SILVER. This is like a second immune system that kills single cell organisms on contact. But doesn't hurt you.

2. Get a Nebulizer off of Ebay. Use it to breath the silver solution into your lungs and sinuses.

3. Get an ozone, and ion generator to put O3 - Ozone into the air in your house or (aircraft). This will shorten the life span of any virus etc. Plus all airborne viruses etc will be charged and will not stay in the air.

4. If you take at least 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day and eat right. Your immune system will be much better at fighting any virus off. You also should take 500mcg of K2 per day when taking that much D3. D3 can cause the body to absorb too much calcium. Without enough K2 this can be harmful. I take 30,000 IU of D3 and 500 mcg K2 per day. Which also is used to clean calcium out of the arteries.

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