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My horror story with the demons by TheTruthHurts777 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/21/2020 11:51:08 AM ( 24 months ago ago)
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Wonderful information. Tell us all you know. To be honest with you I feel worms and bugs everywhere in my entire body and have for a.long time. I was very sick growing up on pork always and nasty meats containing innumerable parasite contractions im sure

Heavily vaccinated my parents were in the.military all types of Antibiotics for prolonged periods.

Anyway I also clean houses for good money which I'm sure I contract even more.

Anyway one day when I was so sick to live around 24 years old someone said I need a colonic and parasite cleanse.

So I had all the symptoms imaginable of parasites and toxic body. Depression, suicidle, psychotic, angry, crying all the time, sick, constipated, bloating, acne, insomnia, body oder, funguses etc beautiful young lady totally plagued Nd had no idea what's wrong with me.

So I did my first colonic and almost vomited with it it moved some deep nasty compaction of death and bacteria I expelled a lot it was a miracle. My Body Odor Acne and insomnia went away immediatly over night.

Then I began a cleanse a diet of only garlic smoothies as I read online. Garlic, avocado, water salt lime cilantro everyday for a week.

On the 7th day I was feeling pretty good actually amazing quite well! I layed down to sleep and all hell broke lose with in me.

Every nest of large and small worms began to move. FAST faster than you think they can like swimming and running under my skin! Some trying to GET OUT of me! I was wondering what will happen if they do if they even can? For hours it was beetlejuice bro I can see grape size things ans smaller move undwr my skin. I had pics of my other phone I lost in credible videos unbelivable to see.

They were everywhere. I didnt know what to do. Maybe I should have kept doing the garlic but it seemed so scary to me. Still does to do that method. They may migrate through organs idk if its deadly in some way.

Perhaps starving them for a week on water would work better before this way idk I'm just experimenting on my self for years I have many rememdies of healin that I've discovered through all this and I'm 30 now I still suffer but not as much.

I went vegetarian and always cleansing always keeping in mind my condition. I'm alcolohocl though I'm so tired of fighting every new symptoms for years you know.

Anyway ever since that day of garlic ive felt them everyday as well and they bite me and fight me and hate me always. Attack me inside. Smart animals they are

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