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MY lyme cured by unique copper compound. Boy am i grateful. by patientadvocate ..... Lyme (Lime) Disease Forum

Date:   9/19/2019 11:36:04 PM ( 22 months ago ago)
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I am used to researching cancer and consulting with terminal patients. Never did I think I would get Lyme disease from a Lyme patient.
I drank from the wrong glass, I had a bad wisdom tooth and bam. That's all it took.

In two days I was suffering from the worse knee pain in my life, radiating down to me ankle.

Did about a year on Colloidal Silver and garlic plus ozone. I got better quickly but as soon as i went off the therapies back came the symptoms within two weeks.

Then I met this man who was interested in my cancer protocol and I of course interested in his Lyme disease protocol. I went to his lab and saw the spirochetes in my blood under dark field. When copper 1 was added to my blood it immediately attached to spirochetes like a magnet. It entered red cells and ejected the parasites. It entered the white cells and the nucleus of those white cells double in size in just 10 minutes. The white cells appeared activated. Next the spirochetes started linking together in chains, immobilized they were doomed. I watched in amazement as the white cells attached to those long chains.

I started taking the oral copper 1, different than all other copper. I have been nearly normal for over a year but am afraid to go off the copper 1. I since have watched many, many miracles happen when this copper is taken. It even attaches to larva and eggs.

I did have mild herx and that lasted only three days. Mainly depression.

This copper 1, also improves electron transport and aids in transcription process in the DNA. None of this is theory.

I am attaching a couple videos that talk about these issues. I am thanking God. I thought I would never walk again.

Others like me have given interviews with Dr. Phil and talked about this miracle copper! Those vids are on youtube still.

Right now I am working on getting all curezone members a free bottle with a subsciption to auto refill. The copper 1 is guaranteed satisfaction and refunds are provided for those who don't find it useful.

Currently this copper is now appearing in many new products and one is by GNC. Waiting for the free bottle program to kick in is not hardly any fun.

I have tried the e stim and clark machines. They cause die off symptoms if over used. They do not eradicate the illness but water based estim does remove ammonia toxins.

I will post the information videos and not provide product links herein as I do not want this to appear to be solicitation or sales.

I am so happy to be sharing wellness tip with you.
Bret Peirce
founder of American Cancer Advocates.


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