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Re: trying to figure this out/Juicing and joint pain by Grace2Marayger ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   9/17/2019 11:49:54 PM ( 23 months ago ago)
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I was unable to make a new post on this forum but I wanted to ask someone to mention choice of veggies to juice pros and cons. Of course everyone is different but folks should know what the pros and cons are to every food they juice or ingest.

LazyL about your joint pain that happened to me 10 years ago when I began juicing....Let me say first I am a big fan of juicing...It brought me back from feeling like I was dying to feeling hope was like an infusion of life. I did do some things wrong for me and have learned to be careful to rotate greens and veggies. First, can't juice large amounts and is best to dilute the 4-6 oz with water and drink right then! I think the life is in the light within the juice so I got away from doing 3 ball jars and having them over 3 days. Straight juice is too much Sugar for me and I don't believe ideal for most folks. I was juicing veggies I knew nothing about dark green veggies especially spinach and beets --- These are high in Oxalates which are often a factor with kidney stones and Joint pain. The spinach is also high Histamine.... I don't know what foods you have been juicing but best to study all of them... plant foods have their own defense systems and few people know they can cause problems.... we were all told to eat our veggies to grown up strong and healthy.
There are the Oxalates, Lectins, Fodmaps, High Histamine, nitrates , Nightshades, Sulphur on and on and on.... in plant foods and these bother some people.
It is my understanding that juicing High Oxalate foods INCREASES the dangers of Oxalate and most people don't know Oxalates can be big trouble for some folks. I was asking 'Does juicing negate the dangers of oxalate foods? Was told it does not negate but is even more dangerous as removing the fiber concentrates it... as its water soluble. I needed to know that years ago...glad I just found this out now. I am trying to get word out to add this to the CureZone Juicing information pages!!!! This is where I first learned about juicing... at least they do say to alternate greens but I never did...'Green Smoothie' people need to know this as well.

For joint pain help I avoid Gluten, Nightshades, Sugar and caffeine... that means very little decaf coffee or chocolate my weaknesses. I am also sensitive to EMF Electromagnetic Fields no where to get away from what is coming with 5G.

But this year best help and hope... I am very excited about the work of Dr. Jack Kruse. He is pretty relaxed about food because his focus is Light for healing and if your light is right he says you can eat anything.
Check him out...he is good for those who want serious health and healing....


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