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Day 26 water-only fast questions by Tula Ru ..... Fasting: General Fasting Support

Date:   7/2/2019 2:04:06 AM ( 27 months ago ago)
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I am on Day 26 of a 30-day(?) water-only fast. I'm hoping to get some input on a few questions.

A little background - I trained for this fast by implementing intermittent fasting for about 4+ months and then right before starting the water-only fast I ate one light meal a day for 3-4 days. Also, I had some metabolic+thyroid+ferritin labwork done last week (results not back yet) and I've been measuring ketones and glucose during this time. For the last couple of months before starting I was also on mainly a liquid diet with lots of veggie purees and superfood powders and nutritional support.

Going back a little further, I've been in an intense treatment program for Lyme disease and multiple other tick infections and all the system breakdowns that accompany this type of chronic illness. Since I stopped treatment I continue to have multiple GI problems although they are getting narrowed down (one primary reason for the fast is to reset gut microbiome/hormones). The treatment involved many antimicrobial+supportive herbs. Unfortunately, this also involved 3 years of two IV Antibiotics . Even before being on the Antibiotics I've had a long history of slight yeast/fungal overgrowth tendencies...and herein lies one of the 3 main reasons for the fast and is my current issue:

Since day 2 of the fast I've felt constant hunger pains as well as nausea and this has never let up. I was very weak at first but that has gotten better this past week. Although I've fasted about a week before, twice (due to illness) I am not feeling that familiar light/bright/alert, etc. brain function although I know I'm producing ketones (due to measuring and burning fat since I'm losing appx. 1 lb per day (I'm overweight so I have reserves.)

I'm also experiencing obvious systemic yeast/fungal overgrowth symptoms (and I do mean systemic--ears, thrush, rashes, vaginal), which I'm very familiar with. It's nothing overwhelming but my concern is that these symptoms just don't seem to be changing or reducing. Since I'm also not seeing any milestones that I understand I should be hitting after 30 days, I'm wondering how/if to proceed.

In addition to some good binders I've also been taking CytoDetox to help detox at the cellular level as well as a product called Fastonic, which includes magnesium, malic acid and tartaric acid, sodium stearyl Furnarate, which helps with (diarrhea) bowel movements--that I continue to have.

Based on everything I've researched, it seems I need to continue with my fast to allow the body to work the yeast/fungus out of the body. I can do that but I'm concerned about the constant hunger/nausea, which seems to be a sign that you should stop the fast.

Thanks for your input.

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