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My Sister by Southern Belle ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/29/2019 9:01:41 PM ( 25 months ago ago)
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My sister died January 13, 2019. We were so close and when she died, part of me died, too. I know life without her will never be the same. But, she died because she trusted the medical profession. Her story: (This post is NOT to Ask Curezone, rather than to share with Curezone)

She was diagnosed with RA a few years ago and the Dr put her on steroids. It helped the inflammation from the RA, but after a few months, the steroids caused her to become a type 2 diabetic. I tried then to get her to try natural products, even bought her a juicer, but her Dr didn't think juicing was a good idea. So, I lost that round. She had to give herself a shot every night and I hated that. More chemicals going into her body. The Dr also thought taking Fosomax would strengthen her bones. I told her NOT to take that, but she didn't listen. She was a faithful Fosomax pill taker.

Two years ago, she was in Ireland on vacation. While she and her husband were walking, her leg broke BEFORE she fell and guess what caused that? Fosomax! Instead of strengthening her bones, it weakened them. Ireland is a socialized medicine country and she spent 3 weeks in a hospital that was not air conditioned and she shared her room with several people, men and women. She finally got home, but six months later, the rod that was placed in her leg proved to be defective and broke!! She had to have another surgery and another months and months of recuperation.

Last summer, it was discovered her kidneys were not working properly. This was because of another medication her Dr gave her and I can't remember that name. After many tests, a kidney specialist decided to put her on very high doses of Pregnasone (I don't know how to spell that) but super high steroid doses for 4 months to stop the progression of this disease caused by a medication. I begged her not to take steroids again, but she would not listen. She came to my house in December for Christmas and we had a great time. She told me she only had a month to go taking the steroids. Again, I begged her to stop and I told her this Dr is going to end up killing you. She finally agreed with me!

Christmas night, she woke up to pains in her stomach. She was rushed to the hospital and it was discovered the stupid steroids had eaten through the lining of her stomach. Emergency surgery was done to repair the damage, She stayed in ICU for 19 days. Her organs started shutting down and she died. I was there holding her hand and I told her, "Without you, I am not me." She squeezed my hand.

Since then, I am very bitter, very sad, very angry. I go outside at night and look at the stars trying to figure out where she is. Is she above me, beside me, flying around, watching me? I want her back, but she isn't coming back. I guess I thought I would always have her, but that was not to be. I miss her.

I guess I am writing this as kinda a therapy for me, but if this helps anyone, then it was worth my sharing.


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