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Multiple Sclerosis and Inclined Bed Therapy, liberation treatment, heavy metals, lyme disease, atlas dislocation, sleep, focal infections, geopathological fields etc. by Medicineman9 ..... Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Date:   4/23/2019 4:29:59 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I would like to share a few pieces of information which might help with MS,
1.) There seems to be a connection to the so called "liberation treatment" which is supposed to help in some cases. Aka in some cases there seems to be a connection to blood flow problems.
2.) read "Lyme disease, anatomy of a coverup". So many cases of MS are "just" undiagnosed Lyme.
3.) Environmental medicine has been saying for years and years that one of the primary factors in MS is heavy metal poisoning (for example Mercury from amalgame fillings) so a heavy metal detofixifcation might help in many cases. Sometime it is also Aluminum or both.
4.) There might be a connection to the atlas problem If the atlas is not in the correct position, it constantly puts pressure on brain nerves / spinal nerves and also blocks blood flow, which is another connection to 1.)
Deeper reason is the unnatural birth posture of women, which reduces the birth canal by 20 to 30%, which makes it necessary to pull at the babies head, which can shift the atlas, which puts constant pressure on the brain and spinal nerves and partially cuts off blood flow. Correct birth posture is squatting, not laying on the birth stool. See
5.) This might be generally helpful.

Generally, there might be a connection between MS and focal infections (like root filled teeth) and geopathological fields at your sleeping place as well. The latter is supposed to be usually involved in ANY chronic disease, as the body cannot fully regenerate over night due to this.

Oh and Happy Easter :-)

P.S.: A lot of this stuff can also help with Parkinson, Alzheimer, Morbus Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa, Migraine, headache, diabetes, constipation etc., so I crosspost this in various other forums as well :-)

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