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Starting a new prolonged water fast and reporting daily on YouTube by MikeRatcliffe ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   4/21/2019 11:21:11 PM ( 29 months ago ago)
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On 20 April 2019 I stood on the scales and was shocked to realize that my weight is 144 kilos… that is over 317 lbs or over 22 1/2 stone. My ideal weight is around 176 lbs so I am almost double my ideal weight.

I knew I was overweight but have avoided the scales for the past year or so. I suffer from chronic pain in my back due to a car accident around 20 years ago that left me unable to walk for a few months. I also suffer from a very serious form of chronic migraine called Hemiplegic Migraines.

These health problems aside, I tend to carry my fat on my stomach. It sticks out like I am some kind of pot-bellied pig. This makes my condition much worse because it is as if I am carrying a second adult around strapped to my stomach.

Imaging having somebody you know strapped to your stomach and how much pain that would put on your back. Just walking across the room can cause me intense pain.

Interestingly, I don’t eat a huge amount of food. At one point I was documenting and weighing everything I eat and drink and I very rarely go over 1500 calories. If I ate the expected 3500 calories for my size I would be very much larger.

I don’t know if people will be willing to help but I have twin 5-year-olds and a six year old. I need to be around for them as they grow up.

What do I want from this page? Honestly, I consider this page a lifeline because I know that if I can’t lose my extra weight my young kids will be growing up without their father.

To begin this experiment I will be going on an extended water fast. This means eating nothing and drinking only water (with a little flavoring, vitamins and minerals).

There is plenty of fuel for my body to draw from and I did a 38 day fast a few years back.

I plan on broadcasting my progress daily on my ​YouTube channel. It may seem a little extreme to give daily updates on YouTube when doing a water fast but it will also put me under more pressure to stick with my diet.

Honestly, the more subscribers I can get on my YouTube channel the more pressure is on me to succeed so it would be fantastic if people could subscribe and encourage me.

My ideal goal would be to get down to between 175 - 180 lbs, which is a little over half my weight so this will probably take multiple extended fasts… no matter what, I plan on tracking it all on YouTube and reporting daily.

I really feel like doing things publicly like this can save my life so thanks for being part of this!


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