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Re: I done tests for Candida, Bacterial Overgrowth, Food Sensitivity and Leaky Gut by #238309 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/9/2019 8:32:08 PM ( 30 months ago ago)
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Thank you greatly for your response, it means a lot for someone in my depressing situation

I want to be optimistic with the mindset that supplementation may solve my problem, and avoid seeing a functional doctor that may still not be able to resolve my problem and still put me in financial burden, but I don't know how to go about it on my own (hence why I thank people like you on here)

I have started to take a sublingual B12 (1000mcg), might be too early to see improvements though
What agitation does B12 cause?
I am wondering whether I have low stomach acid? I only did the at home test with baking soda, and I didn't have any belching even after 5+ mins of taking the baking soda
But not convinced if this test is accurate, but have read that low stomach acid can cause low b12?
Have ordered digestive enzymes too with HCL

I have tried apple cider vinegar, but it seems to give me heartburn (which is sad as I heard lots of good things about it)

My serum zinc levels were within normal range (however I don't know if this accurate method to measure, as I have read it may be affected by fasting and also for magnesium, serum is not accurate from what I read)
However I will take zinc as I understand its an important nutrient

Will the zinc help with my bad breath? or can it be coming from my digestive system? I have a feeling it may be from my coated tongue, but don't know why it reappears after scraping...

My thinking is that until I don't resolve any digestive disorder or malabsorption that may be present, I cannot fully resolve the problem, although sublingually taking nutrients have been noted to bypass the digestive process?
Also do you know anything about Geotrichium Candidum?

Thank you once again, I really appreciate you support, as often I feel very alone with these problems


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