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What I have REALISED recently (unanswered Love)... :) by 1234567 ..... Confessions & Regrets Forum

Date:   11/6/2018 2:02:18 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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You know... a few years back or even up till recently I got upset and I did not feel happy when a man told me about his feelings and I could not feel the same towards him.. and it made me double sad when I saw his sufferings.. Not gonna hide.. it flattered me in a way but, at the same very time, I have such Nature, I do not like to hurt anyone or break someones heart....

.. but yesterday I suddenly Realised that all those years I simply was trying to take Responsibility for that 'feel' of a man on My shoulders saying: I do not want to hurt anyone, do not feel that.. better not to... and usually I just walked away thinking that it is Me who Decides Be or Not to be..... And one guy told me yesterday: 'It is My headache, not yours. You cannot stop me from feeling that what I feel - it's Mine'...... And I REALISED it is something I cannot control or suppress or be in charge of.. I am not the one who will decide who can love me (or be in love with me) or who is not suppose to.. It is something which does not belong to me or even to my life. It is a Story of Someone else to Feel, to experience, to dissolve themselves in it fully.. painfully.. happily..... That experience is Not related to me Anyhow.. it is not controlable by me or by my preferances - Be or Not to Be. I guess that could be an Experience that person Needs on that particular stage of his life.. That an emotional 'shake up' we all need in our life ones or a few times even to feel The HUMAN in ourselves not to be just on surface of our life but to reach the Depth, the Hidden areas of our Soul.. perhaps to be More Alive, more Deep, more Human...

I Still do not want to hurt anyone (through loving me in their hearts).. I just want everyone to be Happy and Mutually Loved coz it is Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Feel and it is Hugely JOYFUL when it is Mutual.. :)

You canNot take Responsibility for someone's Feelings towards you, you cannot control it or object it in order to 'save' someone from it just because You think it's wrong or hurtful. It is just NOT my story to Influence or control... it's THEIRS.

And I still would like to THANK All Men who are Open about their Feelings towards us - Women... Who are Not afraid to BARE their Soul and make the Very First step toward that 'OPENESS'... who has Clean heart and who is SINCERE and not faking anything up... Just know your UNIQUE and.... I am GRATEFUL...

Thank you! :)

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