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Re: Dudes, Fenben is where it's at! by OMG Me Too ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   9/26/2018 8:19:50 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Just HAD to jump in here. I've been taking FenBen for almost a year now; along with Doxy and IVM per Sharkman. I've made significant progress fighting disseminated red threadworms Stronglyoides (which I got after a poorly-informed doc prescribed steroids).

A few observations: I bought a large bottle of vet FenBen (1000 mL) and I carefully keep it refrigerated. I decant some into a small bottle for dosing (also kept in fridge). It seems to be much more effective than the little, older bottles (that I bought off the shelf @ Farm Supply store) that sat in the cupboard between doses. The double dose taken once/day makes me nauseous, so I take it twice daily with plenty of fat. Ice cream works the best for us. :)

I use a little bit of it in my nasal irrigation bottles along with a little Colloidal Silver since I have them in my sinuses. It is definitely helping.

FenBen is also quite soluble in DMSO (a veterinary rub) which has an amazing ability to move very deep into the tissues taking anything dissolved in it. I rub this on my feet and knee where I have known nests.

Between the 5-days of FenBen at the full & new moons and Doxy and IVM in between, and the nasal & topicals I can see definite improvement in the visual nest in my ankle and the 'crawling' is gone. Have been here before however.

Last round, I stopped too early and the encysted larvae returned after 4 months. This time, I am keeping it up for a year.

We also made an infra-red sauna in an unused shower stall with 3 heat lamps & 1 far red. We both think it is helping to 'fry' them as well as promote healing & detox. ??? but it sure feels good.

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