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What mites tell us about our health by SoulKindR ..... Demodex Mites Forum

Date:   9/17/2018 4:36:12 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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I posted this message at the end of an old thread and thought I should start a new one with it... I too, suffer from demodex. It's been 3 months so far. I want to share with all those searching for an answer a few insights that I have...which might already be detailed somewhere else on this site or elsewhere. But, here goes:

Just about all the Doctors that I've spoken to or come across on the web believe everybody has demodex. I didn't believe it at first but now I'm thinking it is a possibility. However, when we're healthy we don't feel them, why? I've come to the conclusion that if they are always with us, then we have driven them out by lowering our health. More specifically, we have lowered our pH to something around 5.5 or lower. I say 5.5 because that was the number I got when the mites surfaced. What lowers our pH? Acidic foods, traumatic events, alcohol/drugs, prolonged high carb diet, family/relationship stress, etc. But, who doesn't go through those things? Well, here's the kicker...those of us who have mites have one other factor to add into the mix, that pushes our pH downward. Most of you don't realize it. You have a parasite infection!

I'd wake in the morning with mites clinging to my eyelashes, so I rubbed hard and killed many and what they left behind was so acidic that my skin burned just below my eyes and literally looked like a chemical and raw like uncooked hamburger. It burned for days. I realized that the mites got that acid from me. Days later, I had that Ah-Hah moment and bought some De-wormer (Ivermectin) and ran a test. After taking the De-wormer, something very large re-positioned itself in my intestines. So, I then knew that I have parasites, in addition to mites. Without the parasite pumping out acid into my body to make itself more comfortable, my pH would have never dropped so low. I eat very healthy and have for decades, but only recently understood that organic fruit and veggies are more likely to carry parasite eggs...washing is extremely important.

Here's what you need to understand. For at least two months, I've been taking loads of sulfur/alkaline: garlic, onions, spirulina, DMSO, greens, plenty of alkaline minerals. But, my pH, day after day, still reads 5.5. The parasites have control of my pH level. So, without being able to raise it, the mites will remain. By the way, I have to say this...I believe the mites are actually trying to help me. The acid woke them up, or perhaps hatched their eggs, and now they are on a mission to collect all the acid coming out of the sebum sacks in my skin.

As they collect your acidic oil, they grow. I can't see them normally, but during the day I've noticed and seen some falling off of me. So, I figure they fill themselves up with acid and just drop off in a generous act of suicide...that is, to take the toxic acid away from their home/host. Yes, they still drive me crazy and I still smash them all day long.

For all you suffering like I currently am, please get serious about parasites. Most people don't realize that they have them...I didn't. Go to the parasite forum and learn about them. I'll tell you upfront, your doctor will say to you, we don't get them in the US. That's hogwash. One in three people have them.

Until you remove your parasites (worms), you won't be able to raise your pH, and your mites will remain because they'll still have work to do, that is, removing the acid from your body so that you can raise your pH and provide a comfortable place for them to hibernate.

What I've found most helpful: showering from head to toe with generic dandruff shampoo, using a spray bottle mixed with water and tea tree oil to spray my body throughout the day, drinking water with 10 drops of DMSO 8x a day (warning this will make you stink), putting petroleum jelly on my eyelashes (trapping the mites and keeping others away) and just inside my nose before sleeping, spraying my eyes with Heyedrate lid and eye cleanser (hydrochlorous Acid) for some much needed relief, taking a pinch of Borax in water twice a day, and drinking 1/2 tsp of Sodium Bicarbonate with 8 oz water thrice a day. I haven't tried diatomaceous earth (DE) and I'm looking forward to trying the Quest Moxidectin equine paste that I just ordered.

Lastly, in response to a previous post, I've experienced what seems to be mites jumping. My son has them too and when he comes close I definitely notice an increase in mites on me. This has happened dozens of times. However, I believe this happens when a person actually has a lower pH than the one with mites. Also, mites that have dropped onto the floor can jump back on as you stand nearby...honestly, I don't see this happening...but it feels like it is the case. So, I recommend staying away from those that do not have mites, especially if their pH could be lower than can pass them.

Sorry for the length. I sincerely hope this helps some people. Always remember: Tough times never last, but tough people do.


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