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Are these tapeworms? There are 2 larger and 1 smaller. Unreal. So strange. Not at all as i envisioned. If not what might they be? How do i retrieve them without damaging or breaking/tearing them? by lizsocal ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/5/2018 10:32:50 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Ive had a long and difficult struggle. And a painful one on top of that. Began 2-3 yrs ago. Turned away by my PCP, GYN, Loma Linda University Medical Center. They wouldnt listen. Wouldnt even let me take the airtight specimen containers out of the bag. My PCP diagnosed me with Allergic Rhinitis and perscribed nasal spray. It didnt work. He prescribed one that was stronger. I never used it. He asked if I would let him ask me a few questions. I said, sure. He proceded to inquire about my day to day life, my relationships with my parents & friends, whether there were any frustrations at home and whether i felt i was a disappointment to my parents. When it was all said and done, he diagnosed me with severe depression. He even wrote "Patient thinks she has a worm inside her". He even had the audacity to speak it aloud as he wrote it in my chart. Needless to say i never went back to him. Fast forward 2 + years to today. When my tummy and thighs start feeling heavy and my joints, mostly knees, are swelled up with limited range of motion and its difficult and painful to get up from a sitting position, ive found that taking an enema really seems to help with much of it. At 6pm i did just that. There have been times when i fall asleep on my belly and wake up an hour later freaking out but everythings a-ok. Today no more than 5 min and something told me to go to the bathroom. I sat there for a very long time expelling mostly the liquid from the enema with mucous and pebbles of stool here and there but nothing more. My stomach was out of control. I know i have tapeworms.. At least 2. One of them is vocal. Extremely actually. Changes the type of sound based on what i intake food or drink. I have dozens of audio files of it captured bc i found it bizarre and learned early on that people dont want to believe you on any level when the subject matter is parasites. As a result, ive chronicled my journey both visually and audibly. Back to the photo. Though nothing was coming out of me other than what i mentioned, drops of cloudy, maybe stringy type fluid was somewhat continuously dropping into the toilet and although i felt "emptied", i also felt pressure like something else.. Of a larger size was "right there". I sat there, looking down every so often between levels of candy crush (i hate that game).. I decided to try and push. Something was definitely there.. I mean right there... Crowning if you will. I continued to bare down, pushing and there was a long wind of gas.. Quite long.. I pushed and out it came. I looked down between my legs.. Phone flashlight on.. WTF?


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