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Fecal Transplant cures Ulcerative Colitis / Crohns Disease by Anna Maria S ..... Crohn’s Disease Forum

Date:   6/4/2018 3:44:01 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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TDV‎ to Fecal Transplant

Hello All,
I'm a long-term (5yr) member of our family. I did Fecal Transplant 5 years ago.

Fecal Transplant was done at home and was beyond anyone's expectations!

If FT is done via rectum, you'll smell the difference in the smell of your farts, for me by third day.
I was diagnosed in 1988 with IBS and U.C.

After 2 colon resections, 50 colonoscopies, 25 kidney stones, and countless amounts of my cash, I have completely no signs of Crohns. 5 yr after a single Fecal Transplant treatment.

Here is the way I did it.
Enema to clean area right before transfer.

Take stool from a family member that has had no symptoms and produces stool that is healthy.

My case it was my 6 yr old, that never had Antibiotics . ( he's 11 now, still no Antibiotics ).

Take stool IMMEDIATELY after it was produced.

While stool is still warm, put metal strainer on a container. Pour sterilized warm water through stool, remove chunks.

The stool water should still be warm after straining stool.

Load the stool water into enema bottle, and now transfer. Half bottle. Wait as long as possible before ridding. Do this last step 2x's.

Your farts will never smell like the old you.....about 3 days, you'll start digesting food correctly. Let them grow into a great big colony.

I believe, if temperature drops, it kills needed bacteria.
About me:
I received surgery at age 2 weeks. I received massive doses of Antibiotics before flora was developed.
I agree, the donor is a big part.
You'll take on for the most part, their flora. If donor processes food well, u should to.

How many ounces would you say you inserted?

One fleet enema.

So before FT, gastroenterologist every month.
After FT, not had office visit in 4 1/2 years.

Near 30 years of Crohns, IBS, UC, colitis, spastic colon.

2 bowel resections, 25 or more kidney stones, 50 + colonoscopies, prednisone at 80 mg for a year, every other drug approve by GAS for colon, every Antibiotic possible.
Was approved for Humaria but didn't take.


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