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understanding the reason why the body's own enzymes become deactivated by #68716 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/9/2018 2:10:07 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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thanks. I read Gerson 15 years ago. I wasn't referring to enzyme therapy, whereby one ingests pills of say, chymotrypsin, other proteases, lipases, etc. Rather, understanding the reason why the body's own enzymes become deactivated. The enzymes I mentioned are responsible for progesterone production, you can't buy them in a store. If you want to fix the lack of prog., then the logical thing to do is ensure the body's own enzymes are functioning properly. Hopefully my posting inspired some to do some reading. If not, well, that's their choice also. Thanks for the invite to read about Max, he had a low rate of recovery, 38% or so at best. Still, there are lessons in his books. These internal enzymes are de-activated by their generation systems being "poisoned" by polyamino compounds having an imine bond adjacent to an amino group such as in the case of guanidine whereby the protons on the amino nitrogen are activated to strongly bind with carbonyl groups necessary for generation of the enzymes. In other instances, similar electronic arrangements such as found on certain unsaturated sulfide compounds play an analogous role. This is why delta-6-desaturase becomes inactivated and the body can no longer make gamma-linolenic acid. I have been asked how this is remedied and can say it is a detailed process requiring understanding of the principles and strict adherence to the method, which itself is essentially the initiation of a cascade of free-radical peroxides that effectively burn off the tightly bound amino compounds. Our bodies normally do this but the dietary crap and even some viruses and bacterium emit molecules which block the active sites by forming polymers over the active areas, which polymers must be broken up and the free-radical is the answer for this. Forget all you heard about free radicals from the media and other sources, they are not out to help you, free radicals are totally necessary to life and health. Forget also all you hear about antioxidants from the same sources, life is an oxidative process, burning up toxins requires oxidation. The reason for 99% of all which ails people from polio to MS to syphillis, to pneumonia to rabies to cancer, all result from improper or inhibited oxidation.

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