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Looking for help for my husband's Afib - Mercy please by Grace2Marayger ..... Atrial Fibrillation Forum

Date:   3/31/2018 8:28:35 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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My husband now has slow irregular Afib and we had improvements with his Afib which used to be faster irregular by increasing his 'RBC Magnesium Tested' magnesium levels and following some of the other helps from Dr. Sherry Rogers Book, "Is Your cardiologists Killing you?" I even gave a copy to his cardiologist.

I thought I had found a cause in discovery of an h.pylori infection which may have caused my husband a bleeding ulcer last summer. Now he suffers a new symptom Heartburn along with increasing side effects of restless-leg syndrome (they were better for a bit when we cut the beta blocker dose down) and Raynaud Syndrome. (NOte: his sister also has Raynaud Syndrome as well as being a heart patient with hypothyroidism same as him). He has been an athlete all his life and works out 4 to 5 times a week at a gym. - He just turned 80 and has a hard driving personality. I think he is pushing too hard and needs to try to work on his stress levels.

Helicobacter pylori and atrial fibrillation: a possible pathogenic link PubMed

Hubby takes
Valsartan 160 mg.-½ tablet 1x daily for High Blood pressure ---on pharmaceuticals for blood pressure since early 90’s !

Eliquis 5 mg. 1 tablet 2x daily as blood thinner Began taking since 2013 after first Afib bout.

Metoprolol 25 mg. ½ tablet daily a beta blocker, NOTE: On 9-30-17 cut dose to ¼ tablet. Discovered on that certain medications or substances including caffeine, alcohol and beta blockers can cause RLS. Lowered caffeine and alcohol with no result. When beta blocker was reduced both RLS and sleep markedly improved immediately.

Flecainide Acetate 50 mg. –Given 4 pills at a time and taken only as needed. (Sadly he has been using more and more of these)
Nature throid 16 mg. 1 x daily for mild hypothyroidism Would like to get TSH below 2 to be optimal per Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work ( The End of Alzheimer's Bredesen Protocol.)

Colgate Prevident 5,000 1.1% gel for Dry Mouth, Sodium Fluoride Prescription Strength. -Wife alarmed when she found out!
That's me 'the wife' anyway...
I hate the pharmaceuticals especially the Eliquis the Metoprolol the Flecainide Acetate and the Prevident.. but hubby trusts his conventional doctors and dentist.

I cannot super-impose my judgement on my husband but I pray he will find better healing from more natural solutions that first do no harm. I have worked to clean up environment (air) better materials etc, lifestyle and diet we eat mostly all organic and plant based Paleo but my husband is not so strict. We both trust in the Grace of God I just don not want us to suffer from lack of knowledge of better ways. If you all know of any helps or info about side effects..please post.

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