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first liver flush for seb derm - need advice by sjhal12 ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   1/13/2018 4:01:26 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking these forums for a while.

in 2015 I developed chronic seb derm on scalp/face after a 6 month course of antibioitcs I took for Acne on my back (big mistake!)
just before these symptoms started I also had the following symptoms:

severe digestive problems (having really bad abdominal cramps at times)
watery bowl movements
severe sharp cramping in toes
sharp tingling in the eyebrow area
hair thinning
severe severe fatigue
Jock Itch
Athletes Foot
Severe Body Odor
Sleep paralysis

prior to this all happening, I always looked healthy (27 year old male here) I maintained a good weight, I ate all the junk food i ever wanted, an abundance of sugar, smoked cigarettes, binge drinking on alcohol for a number of years. So basically i was incredibly unhealthy and got away with it.

around 2014 I started to get symptoms of really bad Acne on my back. I now know that was my bodys way of eliminating toxins. Anyway I took a 6 month course of Antibiotics and I think this really screwed me up.

Fast forward today, I have rapidly changed my lifestyle. I have good sleeping habits, worked through alot of emotional things, eat quite a healthy Diet where i prepare and cook majority of the foods myself, removed toxic people and situations/environments. This has all led to my symptoms getting better.

However, the seb derm/hair thinning issue is still persisting. It used to be all over my face, but now only persists on my forehead and eyebrows/scalp.
I want to get rid of the issue completely. And I want some advice. I have posted on here a few times, and I never get a thorough response. I know no one can tell me for sure, but any advice would do from experienced people in this topic.

I have done alot of gut work, so making my own sauerkraut/kefir and really trying to stock up on probiotics and incorperating them in my daily diet. It has helped alot and I noticed things like athletes foot/jock itch severely reducing to almost nothing, and my seb derm does get slightly better. But I have just realised this is not attacking the root cause.

I want to know if it sounds like my liver has been damaged. After alot of reading, i have drank alot of alcohol in the past, bad diet, and also tetracycline Antibiotics which claim that it does do some liver damage.

I have booked myself in next week for colon hydrotherapy as i am doing a Liver Flush (colonics before and after) and also getting a coffee implant done. Judging from others, I need to be Liver Flushing every 2/3 weeks this year. That is my goal, I want to do many of these as I think that is what it will take. Im not looking to do one and then being annoyed when it doesn't work. I understand this is a long term situation which may have to persist throughout this year. And then doing regular enemas also.

I just want to know if i am on the right track. It feels like I have tried everything else, and this is my last hope! The last two years have been a living nightmare for me especially when you have something effecting your face! but i have not given up and sincerely believe this is the only way i would listen to the messages my body is giving me.

If anyone can give me some advice to let me know if i have identified the root cause of my problems I would really appreciate it!




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