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CureZone Newsletter Issue 206: Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, weight loss, water fasting, mercury detox, HIV AIDS,  Fecal Body Odor, Gerd/Acid Reflux by Webmaster ..... Newsletters: Educating Instead of Medicating

Date:   1/10/2018 9:35:30 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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CureZone Newsletter Issue 206

In this newsletter you can read stories related to Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, weight loss, water fasting, mercury detox, HIV AIDS,  Fecal Body Odor, Gerd/Acid Reflux.

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Photo taken before 60 days of water fasting, 240lbs start weight
Photo taken after 60 days of water fasting, 170lbs end weight

Reversal of symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
A 67-year-old woman presented with two years of progressive memory loss. She held a demanding job that involved preparing analytical reports and traveling widely, but found herself no longer able to analyze data or prepare the reports, and therefore was forced to consider quitting her job. She noted that when she would read, by the time she reached the bottom of a page she would have to start at the top once again, since she was unable to remember the material she had just read. She was no longer able to remember numbers, and had to write down even 4-digit numbers to remember them. She also began to have trouble navigating on the road: even on familiar roads, she would become lost trying to figure out where to enter or exit the road. She also noticed that she would mix up the names of her pets, and forget where the light switches were in her home of years.

73 days Water Fasting with binder to detox mercury
I fasted for 73 days total and only decided to stop after becoming pregnant and some personal family things happening meaning I was going without sleep and having to exert myself a lot. I began to feel sick and weak from it and decided, primarily because I was pregnant, that I would stop fasting.

Cure for Bipolar Disorder
Much to the amazement of everyone, including my Psychiatrist, my symptoms have all but disappeared and my Psychiatrist has agreed to help me get off my meds, unheard of.  I have experienced profoundly debilitating mental illness for 20 years and was told I'd have a mental illness for the rest of my life.

Video:  No Food for 28 days, results
Video:  My First Meal in 28 days

A Wonderful HIV Success Story
In February of 2015, I received an email from a fellow in Nigeria who wanted to know what could be done for HIV. He explained that he was doing research for his sister, who was in later stages of HIV and had sores all over her body and he said that he did not want her to take retro-viral drugs.

Fecal Body Odor Success At Last!
I used to have an uncontrollable fecal body odor. I know how you guys feel. I want to let you know that its possible to cure yourself. There was a turning point in my life with FBO when I decided to do everything I could to cure myself. My first step was to google every success story that I could find. I came to a conclusion that FBO originates in the gut because a lot of people mentioned leaky gut and IBS. I went to the library and skimmed through some books on nutrition and gut health. I even came across books where body odor was mentioned as a symptom of bad health.

Accidental Gerd/Acid Reflux Cure?
I suffered from GERD/Acid Reflux disease for 10 years and hospitalized 4 times for it in that time. Was on ppi nexium and prilosec but it did not cure my problem...just made things worse.  Was also on a diet where caffeine, chocolate, bananas, bread, tomatoes were eliminated but it did little to help. I don't drink sodas, alcohol or eat junk food. I also stay away from greasy fried foods but the reflux persisted daily. At times quite severe.
Then last year my youngest son baked me a chocolate cake!

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