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For permanent restoration of lens clarity in cataract, AGE-breaker eyedrops may require concomitant use of lens pump restoring agents by tke ..... Cataract Forum

Date:   1/7/2018 9:03:10 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I would like to suggest a second step after using AGE-breaker eyedrops.
The previous Japanese experiments with aminoguanidine or organic germanium (germanium sesquioxide) were only able to achieve a temporary restoration of lens clarity. This is not surprising because the AGEs were not removed from the lens - they merely recombined with the lens proteins (crystallins) when the experiment was stopped, and the lens became opaque again.
The growth of a cataract is largely due to the failure of the pump at the back of the lens, the so-called Na+/K+-ATPase pump, whereby the lens acquires nourishment from the aqueous humor and discharges waste products back into it. Were we to free up the crystallins from the shackles of the AGEs with eyedrops, preferably containing nanoparticles of AGE-breakers like water chestnut extract, we would still have to remove the AGEs from the lens. I believe this could be done by reactivating the lens pump - in other words, by re-establishing circulation within the lens - by consuming Chinese or Japanese traditional herbal medicines such as "Hachimijiogan". I found a reference on the Net stating that "Hachimijiogan" ("Ba Wei Di Huang Wan" in TCM) does reactivate the lens pump. Alone, oral consumption of these herbals might not have much effect in cataract, but combined with the use of AGE-breaker eyedrops, there may well be significant cataract reversal and permanent restoration of lens clarity.


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