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Re: Major Demodex infestation. I worry I'm killing my skin when I try to kill the mites. Also feeling alone and scared and overwhelmed. by Bawbrey ..... Demodex Mites Forum

Date:   11/20/2017 10:05:03 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I am SO SORRY you are going through this. I have had a demodex infestation for 15 months and have kept seeing doctors until I found one who believed me and would treat me. The others called me delusional which is a laugh because I am a counselor. I am shocked that so many dermatologists donít know about this condition. My next step was going to be to see a parasitologist. I think this would be in their wheelhouse.
I know what you mean about your nearsighted ness; I used to see the same way before I had LASIK surgery.
One thing you should do is read constantly every journal article online about demodex that you can find. I learned that the the demodex breviary are so deep in the follicle that I was only killing the follicularum which hang around closer to the surface. You need to take a systematic anti-parasitic drug like Ivermectin for at least 8 weeks to kill them from the inside. Keep talking to doctors until you find
One who will do that. There are many things that will kill
them near the surface: tea tree oil, alcohol, permethrin, sulphur, metronidazole, etc. The website has very useful products. That Chinese paste is fantastic! Here is what is finally working for me: an 8-week prescription of Ivermectin, metronidizol cream 2x a day; permethrin (I buy this at CVS in their brand of lice kit. Itís in the shampoo which I squeeze on my hand with a little water and rub in 2x a day under the metro). In the shower I use veterinary clinical formula antiparasitic shampoo, although I havenít had a bad problem with my hair. I donít think you should use coconut oil because anything edible is adding to your skins oil and the demodex are feeding on it. Try to use a tiny bit of mineral oil (non food grade).
Also. Make sure you are boosting your immune system because that is how the demodex have been able to escape. Lots of Airborne, vitamin D, multi vitamin, protein, healthy greens (I like the protein shakes called Naked ď Green MachineĒ).
I also use an Antibiotic ointment on the red areas on my face. I am having great results.
Good luck and God bless! I know what a toll this is taking on you and your family! I also am treated for anxiety and depression. Treat yourself well!! Take care!

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