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Re: Depressed, wishing Id never taken iodine by susie21 ..... Iodine Supplementation Problems

Date:   11/20/2017 7:22:14 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Yes some very good points raised. I am talking mainly about supplementary fats. Toxic cells will have reversed polarity, i.e. sodium trapped inside the cells impeded by damaged fats which coat the cells, this always occurs with long term dehydration - it's the body's way of conserving water as it perceives a drought. It is supposed to be a short term solution but when it goes on for a longer period (from childhood in a lot of cases) the liver continues to manufacture a type of cholesterol to coat the cells to protect them from the perceived dehydration threat - the objective with the lecithin and being careful with fat intake is to start breaking down the coating of damaged fats around individual cells so that the cleansing cycle can be properly restored. Continuing with high fat levels even if it is healthy fat without switching off the dehydration alert will just perpetuate it. I am not anti fat, far from it and in this situation dietary fat, e.g. avocados, oily fish etc is fine. But too much easily accessible fat as in spoons of coconut oil will be used by the liver to continue coating cells unless the dehydration alert is stopped, and that message has to come from the colon. Anyone who is having long term bad detox symptoms will be in this situation. I love coconut oil and would recommend it to anyone who is not stuck in a toxic situation. The problem with this forum is many people come on here thinking their low body temperature is their thyroid, so they take high doses of Iodine and screw themselves up if their low body temperature was down to long term dehydration which can't be fixed just with Iodine and companion nutrients unless you are a masochist and enjoy spending months to years feeling really ill and screwing up your job (and alienating all your friends and family) because you are too sick to work.

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