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Chronic scalp folliculitis - actually Atypical Psoriasis. Enstillar Foam is amazing. by EddieMD ..... Folliculitis Forum

Date:   11/8/2017 9:58:29 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hi Good Sir,
So Chronic Bacterial Folliculitis is often a very mis-diagnosed syndrome of actual Atypical Psoriasis. IF you google Psoriasis of Scalp you often only see the extreme versions.

My scalp would have these red hot inflamed hair follicles that if left alone would develop pustular head(like a pimple) that could be popped(yellow pus) and they would be very painful and diffuse on my scalp. For this reason I had 5 or more Cultures and 2 Follicle biopsies- that stated that this was Bacterial folliculitis.

I am a physician myself who has been afflicted with this horrible and stubborn disorder.
I have been on 7 years worth of Antibiotics : Mostly chronic Minocycline, and rounds of Bactrim or Clindamycin and others for flares).
I had gone to 3 Dermatologists and 3 Infectious disease specialists who all told me I needed Antibiotics for life.

The 4th Dermatologist I went to, by the name of Dr Adam Weiner(321 724 9650) in Melbourne FL, was the only one that really understood that my scalp had pinpoint spots of Atypical Psoriasis. He did a 3rd and final Scalp biopsy of one of these red hot and pustular lesions and sent it to a dermatopathologist who specialized in Atypical Psoriasis and lo and behold: Atypical psoriasis. Dr Weiner state's that if you have lots of crusting lesions on the scalp that when you pick them, they bleed, this is normally Psoriasis until proven otherwise.

Now I also had a scalp biopsy by Dr Weiner sent to a fancy PCR laboratory(FRY Laboratories in Arizona) for $800.00 out of pocket for PCR bacteria Test. PCR is the most accurate method for seeing what bacteria is actually there bc you don't have to grow it in culture(best yield about 50% only on certain species, most of them lower yield), you just analyze the bacteria DNA which is already there(100% accurate), and it was just normal skin flora.

Therefore what I had and what I suspect a lot of people actually have is Atypical mild Psoriasis, which makes the hair follicles very red, hot and angry, which in turn makes them become super-infected and pustular.

Regular steroid cream in the past didn't work(prescribed by Derm's)

What worked? Enstillar Foam; This stuff is amazing. it's a very powerful Vit D analog with a very advanced vehicle that actually penetrates Vit D deep into the scalp dermis. It also has a steroid. But in contrast to the other steroid creams/foams that did not work, this stuff is unbelievably powerful. Overnight, the follicles went from Beat red to white, and in about 3 nightly sprays, they are normal again... I am flabbergasted, delighted and yelling Amen.

This stuff is like $1000 a bottle, bc of the advanced technology of the Vehicle, but insurance covers it Thankgod, I only spent $30.00 dollars on the copay with my insurance and this is the best investment I have ever made(I've spent 1000's on natural cures, medicines, etc). I have tried every natural cure you can think of including Apple cider vinegar for months, Oral Turmeric(very high amounts 3x day), all sorts of vitamins/minerals, etc. Sulfur scalp masks did seem to help the breakouts a little, but barely.
Enstillar Foam and being Gluten Free are by far the most effective for me. I can say with confidence that my scalp is amazing 99% perfect for last 2 months. And if one little red hot bump comes up, I spray the Enstillar Foam.

So the reason this Enstillar foam works is bc mostly of the active Vit D prevents excessive skin epithielization, which is what causes the Follicle to get red and plugged and infected, like a pimple.

Anyways Guys, I have been with essentially a perfect scalp and off Abx for 3 months now. This is amazing stuff. I only spray the Enstillar foam when I need it, (currently maybe every 3 days and just on the inflamed follicles). Also, something that Ive noticed, I used to use the foam BID, then daily, now every 2-3days. Maybe going GF and once the Scalp stabilizes, it seems to get much better. Please try going Gluten Free for 3 months straight and see if you notice improvement.

On, it talks about how GF diet really helps, bc Gluten is an immuno-active Peptide, so it activate's your immune system. This has really helped me. So I am very very very happy, that finally after 7 years of battling this depressing and frustrating disease, I finally realized what it was. No more daily Antibiotics . I don't' wake up with blood stains on my pillow anymore. I donít have pain on my scalp. Im not exhausted bc of scalp pain/infections. I am very very happy.

God bless everyone with this.


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