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9 Years Later by VX ..... Ulcerative Colitis Forum

Date:   10/4/2017 10:39:30 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Thought I would give an update, it's been 9 years.

UC and Candida has not been a problem since the post. I can eat almost whatever I want, but I don't. But I can eat fruit daily, milk daily, some bread, ice cream, beer once a month.

Liver hepatitis/cancer has also not been a problem, with Liver Flushes every 3-4 months. Anger/resentment is probably holding this back from a more permanent result. I still need to do more work on that.

My lungs were doing very poorly at one time (30% V02 max), they are now 90%, thanks to HIIT training.

I drink raw milk everyday. I eat raw eggs (mixed with yogurt and honey) every 2-3 days. I eat organic. I was eating raw meat for years, but reduced, I only have it maybe once a month now. I juice 2 times per week using a masticating juicer. I would juice more if I had the time.

I do mixed martial arts, wrestling with Olympic wrestlers, sparring with pro MMA fighters, high intensity training, progressive calisthenics training, brazilian jui-jitsu (sparring for as long as 45 minutes straight). I regularly beat guys in their 20s and this is at 46 years old. Considering I couldn't even exercise a little bit 8 years ago without being bed ridden for 3 days and sore for 7-14, it's night and day.

My intelligence is as good as it's ever been (IQ tested at 150), which is amazing considering the problems I was having 8 years, where I couldn't even remember the word "pen".

I still haven't chelated properly because my minerals have always been too low and DMSA would make me sleep all weekend. I'm going to try IMG soon. I tried some type of biofeedback on heavy metals and cadmium (which was the easiest for me to get rid of) was super tough, so I will not be trying mercury or lead (which is what I need to get rid of).

IMG is the next step in healing my intestines, as it draws all of the heavy metals out of them.

Writing journals is a very good idea, we often forget where we've been, even in the short term.

Letting go of past emotions has been important. I owe a lot of my success to the various energy healers that have helped guide me and heal my body.

Starting fasting again, intermittent fasting on days where I don't exercise, 5 day fasts twice per year.

I'm continuing my journey to get better. This journey is like peeling layers of an onion.

I wish every luck here. The key is copying someone that was successful in healing whatever problem you have.


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