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Re: 1st day for me !!! :o by wittlewabbitte ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   7/14/2005 5:57:08 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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yeah... sometimes it's difficult to get family members onboard :-( !!!

even my friend in toronto is goign to think that i'm a bit cooky :p but he will have to live with it :D !! i just hope that i'm all better (no coughing) by then -- !!

i was reading a bit more about the Sea Salt thing, and i don't think my case relates, actually, because i get extreme phlegm mostly when i put something strong tasting in my mouth, like tooth paste or even cayenne powder!! and it seems to follow a dry mouth phase -- then over production includhing phlegm :( !! and the whole problem started after my digestive system got totally ruined (via Amalgam fillings and Antibiotics , etc.) so i still think it's a part of my digestive problem.... :( also i dont' have a double chin :p:p:p and no puffiness about me, like that water-holding look due to lack of salt... at least that's one problem i don't have.... my face is breaking out all over the place as it is and if i was puffy was well, that would be such a sight :p:p !!! are you going to drink laxative herbal tea tonite? i went out and got "smooth move" this afternoon... looking forward to trying it in a coupla hours :> !!!


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