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Stones or not by White Shark ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/2/2017 5:48:00 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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WhoAreYouNormally, 20 years ago it could have been me writing exactly the same message your wrote. I was just like you. I wanted to believe, even hardly believable things. I really wanted to believe that these huge "stones":

somehow, miraculously, exited through bile ducts that usually measure just 3-10 mm in diameter, without any real pain, any real soreness, any agony, any question.

After all, most flushers believed the same thing 20 years ago, and most flushers today believe the same.

There was no other, better alternative explanation 20 years ago.

I started researching Liver Flushing 20 years ago. That time I believed what Hulda Clark and Andreas Moritz believed, that all stones are actually coming out from the liver or from the gallbladder, in other words, passing through bile ducts.
I researched the subject, I added dye into the oil and juice mix, and I found some dye particles inside my stones. Other people on this forum did the same thing, and there is somewhere a message about that.

That proved to me that my stones were actually formed inside my intestines, cause there was no way dye could enter the gallbladder or the liver and bile ducts.
Even if dye could enter the gallbladder or the liver, it would still mean stones were formed overnight, cause I don't consume dye every day.

And, if my stones were actually formed inside my intestines, I see no reason why your stones, and especially those very larger stones, larger than 5 -10 mm,
would have originated inside bile ducts, if they can easily be formed inside intestines.
People with real, symptomatic gallstones, larger than 10 mm, often have huge problems flushing those stones out.
Many of them in the end opt for surgery, if Gallstones are symptomatic.
In the same time, those same people keep passing out large green and tan objects even larger than 10 mm, when doing liver flushes, and they believe they are flushing out gallstones.
Yes, some people do flush out real gallstones.
And some people don't.

Sorry, those objects may contain smaller gallstones, but often, those objects are bile solidified inside intestines.
Bile is made of cholesterol acids.
There must be some reaction going on inside intestines, most likely a reaction of bile with stomach acid, something that makes bile turn into hard objects, even when there is no oil or juice or magnesium.
People have passed the same objects during coffee enema or when flushing with Oxypowder or just with Epsom salt.
That proves you don't need oil or juice to form stones, but you still have stomach acid and you still have the bile, and that bile turns hard inside intestines, but turns liquid on the room temperature.
This video shows what happens with the soft "stones" when left exposed to the air/heat.


I observed the same with my stones and with stones of other family members.


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