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Re: Size of liver volume of stones by WhoAreYouNormally ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/30/2017 4:52:29 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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quote 1. Most, but not all, of those large stones flushed out are formed overnight from bile and also from biliary sludge, often inside intestines. That is why they can be as large as feces. quote

Pure bile is liquid/soluble at body temperature. I have flushed out pure bile before and it was liquid until it hit the cold water in the toilet and hardened somewhat. I have poured olive oil into the toilet and never seen it harden instantly.

You are partially correct, that biliary sludge can form into stool-like or stone-like shapes as it travels through the gut. But this does not answer the op's question at all, since he is talking about the volume of material being released with flushes.

The answer is multi-faceted and depends on the individual. If we're talking about an average normal healthy, say 160 lb. person, with no liver inflammation, then there is a limit to how much the liver and gallbladder will hold, and subsequently release.

And this is in fact a very intelligent question to ask when someone is trying to wrap their head's around how Liver Flushes actually work, or if they are b.s.

OP made lots of assumptions about how long it takes for stones to form. How long is a piece of string?

Stones can form very fast, or not at all, it depends on the individual.

People who release stone volume that are multiples of the inner volume of the liver and gallbladder are making stones continually, pure and simple.

Bilestones/hardended bile or whatever you want to call them are not made in the intestine due to magical non-existent chemical processes. This has been covered.

quote There is plenty of evidence showing that. If you dye flush ingredients with a stable dye, you may find the dye inside some of the stones. quote

wrong again. That *suspect* experiment, which was done once as far as I know, proved nothing other than dye can mix with sludge inside the intestine. And the person who performed that experiment may have had an agenda at the time of posting.

If you leave your stones out, in room temperature, they often melt into liquid bile. quote

Define your terms properly. My take is that if you release pure liquid bile it is liquid near body temp and then solidifies somewhere about 10c below body temp (just guessing). Stones that have already formed inside the liver or gallbladder do not tend to 'melt'. Never happened to me. Too many variables anyway. Calcified stones will never melt.

quote 2. Anyone can catch parasites, not just unhealthy people.

parasites have co-existed with humans for thousands of years, they evolved with humans, long before junk food was invented. quote

More like millions of years. No one has the last word on parasites, it's too complicated a subject. Trying to simplify things too much doesn't do anyone any good. Treat the individual symptoms/person.

Now back to how we define what a normal person is. If you travel to the south of the U.S, people are morbidly obese, that has become the new normal. I have not cut one of them open in autopsy but it's a good bet their livers are proportionately as large as their bodies and can release ungodly amounts of stones, especially if they have stonemaking metabolisms.


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