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Re: TOPICAL TREATMENTS: Morgellons Sores/Lesions, Skin Parasites, Scabies, Mites, & Cutaneous Larva by Sickofbeingunwell34 ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   5/20/2017 1:52:05 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Totally agree with you that all people with morgellons are different! Not all of us have Lyme, that's myth that only Lyme causes this! Antibiotics with only help people who have a bacterial infection. I would not touch antis unless you know for sure you have Lyme or other bacterial infections as antis can mess up your body and make your immune worse by killing all the good guys (probiotics). I recommend probiotics to rebuild your flora. I too break out when on antis but that's a herpes virus that I caught not long back and it spread all over my body cos I have cirrhosis and very low immune system. Cirrhosis has caused me to get morgellons: morgellons is every where in our environment, have a close look at fibres in your clothes,sheets,towels and other things. This organism is like a fungi and plant type thing. It loves Sugar I have learned over the years if I eat alot of Sugar it gets worse. Also probiotics help with the morgellons biofilms.also Iodine draws them out so much, it's the best thing I have found that draws the black ones out. Also hand sanitizer used from Aldi is amazing at drawing them out(prob not good for our skin but it's better to get these things out of us)they will literally pour out your skin in front of your eyes if you use betadine and sanitizer.also I think ozone baths help and I also add benzylkalodium chloride like in pine o kleen.i have a lot more things I use too.grape juice draws them out too, so does certain foods.i read to use alfalfa powder in water and img it works good. Also colloidal silver sprayed on the skin helps get them out too. You have to massage the stuff though to get loads out.
Lol I should have typed a new comment up top but I will do that as well to help all my fellow sufferers. I am very very sick and the pain is unbearable at times but getting these things out helps.always put probiotic lotions on the skin after each thing you used on the skin that kills the flora.
So like after my bath I smother myself in my home made probiotics which has heaps of strains and then leave it on or you can rinse after a few mins if you have to go out somewhere and don't want to smell like yogurt. You can use non dairy probiotics too, I have lately been learning to make probiotics in just water and fructose and dextrose and sugars they eat. I wish probiotics were not so expensive cos I spend way too much on them. That's why it's cheaper to make your own.
Anyways I hope you are feeling better.
Take care

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