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Re: Hydrocortisone detox by joegrane ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   4/14/2017 8:19:58 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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"It's also my understanding that increasing some areas of hormones will have a natural increasing of other areas.

== Yes, assuming your body is converting them more or less normally. You can see the adrenal cortex related ones here. NOte th at DHEA is not abbreviated.

For example if I up the testosterone (with either preg, dhea or real testosteron - since I have it on hand) and up progesterone with otc cream (affordable) then the estrogen will naturally start to increase.

Here's my incomplete plan so far
-continue armour
-start selenium
-start zinc
-start bladderwrack

== Not famililar with bladderwrack. I tend to use herbals after seeing what I can accomplish with the vitamins, minerals, natural hormones, etc that the body uses every day.

-try phytoestrogen cream
- Liver Flush for better cholesterol/estrogen help
-introduce progest cream mid cycle until night sweats are gone

== View diagram above. Is your cholesterol level okay, if not support intake and absorption of it in the gut.

== Pregnenolone is inexpensive and easy to take--maybe 10-15mg two or three x per day. I think we need Zn to convert it. Others suggest B5, Vit C.

== DHEA is inexpensive, but start with low end of dose for female after Zn is on board. look up most common side effects of taking too much of them for *your* body's situation.

== OTC prog cream may be helpful at appropriate times of the "month" for premenupausal women.

-start with real test?
-start with dhea?

== If taking DHEA supplement I'd want to get numbers on DHEA, not just DHEA-S, maybe both one time to see how your converting it--more if requested.

== Once you change life you may want some estrogen.

== I think we need iron in Aromatase enzyme to convert testosterone to estrogen

== Hormones are powerful so we need to respect that power. It is best to work with a doctor and get followup labs.

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