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Re: Still getting detox reactions after stopping iodine for 9 weeks by Violien ..... Iodine Supplementation Problems

Date:   4/14/2017 8:07:56 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I don't taste the zinc taste test at all.

My armpits smell of onions if I don't put on deodorant. I'm not sure what smell means what though. When you find out let me know.

Detox only happens when the detox pathway for that toxin is open. All nutrients must be there. That means from start to finish.

When you're lucky enough to pull that off detox will start. Unfortunately it will make a sick person feel awful quickly because one of the necessary nutrients is bound to run out fast. The detox pathway is closed again and you feel awful because the toxins that your body dumped into your bloodstream cannot be removed from the body. In my case it's the zinc and B6 that run out first. Both are vital for detox and are depleted by my copper toxicity.

This explains why sometimes you do and other times you don't get a severe reaction to iodine: it depends on your nutrient status.

That's why I focus on digestion and getting nutrients into my body.

Like you I have light poop often. Also my digestion is a mess (bloating, air, pain, gurgling, cramps,..). With digestive help my body can just get by. I'm definitely detoxing more than just bromide and copper, not sure what though. I experience fatigue, heart pounding, alertness, sleepiness, pain, brain fog, and what not...

If it's copper toxicity molybdenum helps bind the unbound copper which makes you feel better within half an hour.

Selenium and NAC together will give relief from mercury poisoning. Selenium and NAC will allow your body to make (more) glutathione which will protect the body from mercury. Unfortunately NAC lowers copper and zinc as well, so be careful not to overdo it. Selenium on its own bind to mercury, which makes the selenium unavailable to the rest of the body, so extra selenium will help. Selenium helps make unsaturated fats harmless.


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