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wrinkly fingers, gluten intolerance by #218144 ..... Diet Debates Forum

Date:   3/7/2017 12:15:07 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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In my health journey, I read much about Blood Type Diet s. There was many things suggested but I don't agree with. For my blood type AB, according to them, I should be eating plenty of dairy. This is bad advice for me; dairy does nothing but stop my digestion. The high fat also makes candida grow like crazy!

(Too much fat prevents the cells from absorbing all the Sugar in the blood stream. It's candida's job to bloom and eat the excess sugar! We would die of Sugar shock. People with candida problems are daily eating too much fat!)

However, this book does give insight into some of the weaknesses different blood types have. AB's tend to have low stomach acid, which I do. This symptom also goes hand in hand with rosacea, which I had before I made lifestyle changes.

We also tend to have heart problems. I personally don't, but there have been many heart attacks in my family. Am I on the same road? I doubt it. If I smoked and drank the way they did in the old country, maybe I would too.

But the one symptom this book convinced me was true, was gluten intolerance. They said that vertical wrinkles on the finger tips are a sure sign.

I always knew bread makes my guts and gizzards feel like I ate glue! But after I went on raw food diet, I limited my bread intake to weekly, then bi-weekly. These pictures show the results. I drew lines to help show that many of the lines have disappeared.

My top priority is to go 100% raw. However, this is harder than I imagined. Eating a little junk, made the raw lifestyle quite easy. But the things I still crave are cheese and fresh bread - 2 things that are horrible for me!

I have to drop them; they make me feel so ill. The only way to drop this addiction is cold turkey. I'm hoping that after I go longer and longer 100%, it will no longer have a hold on me!


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