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Re: Asthma Cured by Colloidal Silver by rinave ..... Asthma Support Forum

Date:   1/20/2017 7:51:45 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I am the one with Hyper EOS that nearly killed me and if I try to stop prednisone I have to be rushed to the hospital and near death again. I have tried to decrease the dose with disastrous results.

So I am nebulizing CS, Quinton water and alternating with Magnesium oil and Lugol. The last combination expectorates a lot and I feel great relief for asthma and better breathing.

The high EOS have damaged my lungs and the digestive system and the only thing that has kept me alive is the prednisone.

More than anyone else I have been against drugs all my life and never took drugs until this strange disease that no one knows what causes. You sent me some good information about it. Things that I have tests done for, but it is still a mystery since all tests were negative.

As long as nebulizing makes me feel better and I can eventually decrease the steroids, there is hope. I just don't want to over do.

You said you use a room vaporizer and I will do that next. Right now I am nebulizing 3 or 4 times a day. Alternating those 2 combinations. As I said the Magnesium oil 0.05ml, 3 drops of Lugol and then 6.0ml of distilled water is a recommended ratio. It really expectorates and kills bacteria in the lungs. I mentioned before that Dr. Leigh Connealy of Irvine, CA recommends CS and Quinton water to all lung problems, but she doesn't say for how long one should do.

I am also doing the Iodine Hawala protocol, I bought the ATP factors, Iodoral tablets, Powder C, etc. and already take 50mg of the iodoral/lugol tablets. Trying to increase to 100mg as suggested. After this head cold I will increase.

I just read in your files that Dr. Sircus recommends only Nascent Iodine for nebulizing. I was using a couple of drops of Lugol with the Magnesium. I will switch to the nascent type though. I was not aware of this important factor.

Any suggestions are really appreciated!

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