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Can someone help me understand this? by John247247 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   12/17/2016 8:55:40 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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"It could be the fact that vitamin D suppresses prostaglandins, which are antidepressant to the body. Same reason non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause depression. NSAIDs also inhibit prostaglandins." - Hveragerthi

The reason why I want to find out about this is because I took 1000iu vitamin D a while ago and even though it made my mood lifted, I hate some salad after and it made my stomach really bad. It was a cucumber salad. After I found out that I was having an ulcer. What's ingruiging about this is that Hveragerthi says that Vitamin D suppresses prostaglandins and prostaglandins secret gastric muscus which help protect against the ulcers. Also PGE, a form of prosaglandins, helps prevent ulcers. So if Vitamin D suppresses prostaglandins could it also supresses the benefitical prostaglands that protect the stomach's lining and potentiate an ulcer? My stomach lining was not the greatest at the time and I was too quickly trying to build up my stomach acid so that was probably a big factor also. But I felt the ulcer happen right when I took Vitamin D and ate a salad. So my question is could someone help me understand this better? How do you counter the Vitamin D suppressing the prostaglandins that prevent ulcers and that are antidepressants? If Vitamin D supresses the antidepressant prostaglandins why is it called the happy hormone? Also Hveragerthi was arguring the fact that Vitamin D suppreses the immune system, how?


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