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Re: Ever feel it's all a scam? Everyone lying to you? by #214865 ..... Lyme (Lime) Disease Forum

Date:   12/1/2016 7:37:36 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Sure, Lyme "literate" MDs are on the take, some of them, but some have indeed wrought cures. One thing you can be certain of is that the other 899,000 are indeed crooks. Typically, they go to any lengths to avoid diagnosing clear signs of an infection and the lab tests have been deliberately tampered with by the CDC to screen out 90% showing neurological symptoms. Those are usually diagnosed with some form of mental illness because crazy patients need not be heard and because the commissions on psychoactives are recurring and fat. If that doesn't work it's MS, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's or many other bogus diagnoses that can'be effectively treated. I know all this very well because I came down with a severe bacterial infection 47 years ago that could have been treated if I hadn't been constantly put off and sidetracked by these medical crooks. As it was, I ended up wasting 8 years university education, losing my career and home, forcing a disabled wife and three children to suffer in poverty and loss of social prestige. It turned out the wife was disabled because she also had Lyme... or, indeed, perhaps it isn't Lyme. In the end we only know for 100% certain that it's a bacterial infection with enough overlapping symptoms to peg it as being the same. She also lost her career and suffered a complete physical and mental breakdown, all of it preventable if the medical industry and gov weren't farming us like barnyard hogs. Oh, yes, indeed, the CDC, Mayo Clinic, Yale U, and Smith-Kline were caught red handed making a bogus vaccine that crippled thousands before it was discretely pulled. Oh, but that's not the rest of the story. Of course, the children were congenital "Lyme" and their lives completely destroyed. They can never have decent jobs or families of their own. Or maybe it isn't really Lyme. Does it matter? We only know that it is a bacteria that MDs have been trained to avoid diagnosing by all means of willful negligence and that in the end it could have been treated inexpensively, indeed, everybody is definitely lying to you, that's for sure. If this is the verifiable truth, shouldn't everybody know it and either be forewarned or given new hope? In 2013 the CDC, a profit corporation NOT government, raised its estimate of new Lyme cases from 30,000 a year to 300,000. Suddenly, ten times more ticks? No, there were always at least 300,000 and most became chronic lyme disease, a horrifically painful crippler, but few ever knew/ And how many congenital infected? Use your head, MILLIONS. How many of those are autistic? How many of those are additionally vulnerable to vaccination damage? How many parents have seen it? Millions...

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