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Re: It's not a wound I was wrong by ECaccutane ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/11/2016 5:43:35 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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That white line is not forming after you started soaking your lips in Epsom Salt solution right?

I always believed that my ec is because of candida but since I didn't have any other symptoms, I used to dismiss it. But now after connecting all the dots, I am sure that it is because of candida.

When I first started taking probiotics, the redness where the white line used to form decreased but it didn't cure me. Then I tried anti candida diet during which my lips again showed some improvement at the end of the diet period. I had to stop because I lost a lot of weight.

I associate my ec with lees'. Lees and I both took accutane. But there are many who don't get ec even after taking accutane. That is because those who get ec have a habit of licking,picking and biting their lips. I took strong Antibiotics along with Accutane . Antibiotics kills good bacteria which causes candida overgrowth.Accutane makes the lips dry and peel. After peeling, I licked my lips and my saliva which contained candida enetered my raw lips and my lips got infected.

The reason I took lees' name is if you go and read his posts, he said that he got ec thrice. First time he cured it with probiotics. Second and third time with anti candida diet. He said that he got ec second and third time because he accidently bit his lips whih caused an ulcer and the cycle began. He also said that when he got ec the third time, he was eating a lots of sweet which can be a cause for his candida overgrowth.

So here is how I can cure ec . I will have to kill the candida on my lips. Which will help the lip to grow the top layer of skin on my lips which will protect the lips from getting infected again. I am using propolis for the past 5 days and I have seen a good improvement.
The propolis acts as a bandage and also fights candida. After peeling the propolis layer, my lips are super soft, the top layer of skin has grown but it is very fragile and looks like it is not stuck to the lips and it can peel anytime.I can also see the lines on my lips for the first time. But I am afraid that it will again start crusting if I don't use propolis. I believe that Epsom Salt soaking would be better as the propolis doesn't penetrate the skin and it just sits on top.

I will update after I get epsom salt.

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