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Re: Anyone with experience/insight with using NAC while breastfeeding? by joegrane ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   7/26/2016 10:13:34 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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"heavy metal chelator" is a term used in a variety of ways. Some use the term more strictly than others.

Cysteine has one SH (thiol) group--essentially a mercury magnet.

Some people who specialize in heavy metal--HM-- detox, including Andrew Cutler, prefer a more precise definition of "heavy metal chelator."

Cutler prefers the use of substances that have two SH groups positioned to better grab onto HMs.

For example, lipoic acid has two SH groups positioned to rather nicely grab HMs.

You consume cysteine from a variety of foods, including garlic, eggs, spinach.

Your body also makes cysteine from foods containing methionine. You'll see both of them in this diagram of the methylation cycle and transsulfuration.

Cutler warns people about thoughtlessly consuming foods and supplements with very reactive SH groups. They will kick up HMs but not necessarily help the person to remove a large percentage of what was kicked up.

This gives the HMs an opportunity to find even more vulnerable parts of the body--or your child's body!

For example, in one study on lipoic acid, the treated mice ended up with *more* mercury in the brain and organs than untreated mice, even though the treated mice excreted more mercury.

There used to be a fairly inexpensive test for plasma cysteine that could be used to guide supplementation and dietary changes. Unfortunately that test does not seem to be available any longer.

Those who are low in cysteine could consume more of it.

If you have silver Amalgam fillings, remember that they contain 50% mercury. If you are not familiar with this issue search youtube for Boyd Haley + amalgam. He is the former chairman of the Chem Dept at the U of KY.

The essential mineral selenium binds well with HMs and keeps them from causing so much damage. I bet it reduces the amount that ends up in the child during breast feeding and pregnancy.

I would eat a healthy, balanced diet and take reasonable amounts of antioxidants. The antioxidants will help to preserve or recycle glutathione levels. I'd skip the NAC.

I'd also avoid tylenol since it reduces levels of glutathione and sulfate in the liver.


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