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Re: Rethinking career due to adrenal fatigue by r1deforever ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/8/2016 12:52:26 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Here's a better idea. Just put your pHD on hold for now, and try to chill out a bit more at work. Stand off the accelerator.

And in the forthcoming year do the inner work on yourself.

Sciency people tend to be fanatically devoted to living in their mind all day long, and night too and this is a recipe for ill health.

So yeah in the forthcoming year work in every area. Physical, emotional, the body etc...

Get some relaxation CDs do them every day.

Take up a relaxing physical activity - not running with a stupid iPhone on your arm like all your idiot colleagues are doing. But something like yoga or chikung or dancing. And do it a lot.

And then heal the body with nutrition.

Take up zen practice, and do every day.

If you don't you may find yourself at 47 with the same problems, that's just a little warning there. The problems you have need sorting out no matter what job.

Right now, just take a little backseat and implement Plan Alpha to sort your life out.

If you bug out ... then what. Another job ?

Ok, another job ... but you still haven't done anything inside to sort out the problem. I would expect you find the same thing.

It might be necessary to take extreme action to snap yourself out of it, like leaving the job ... but perhaps not. Depends on what you are willing to do now. One thing is for sure, ACT.

Brain fog / anxiety / Depression ... no surprise if you live in your head. That's the default response, it's an illness.

And it is not easy to make decisions whilst your head is a mess.

When you get home from work, do not use the computer or watch TV. Just relax. Get a relaxation CD and run a bath. Eat healthily and get some rest. Begin small. Be kind to yourself.

My experience from engineering : I felt the same. I slowly backed out of it over 4 years whilst working hard internally. Now I am almost free and happy. But my financial needs are not as great as others, so I have more options.

Adrenal Fatigue ? This is another of the mainstream medicine's bullshits cured with pills.

WHY are your Adrenals Fatigued ?
That is the bloody question, isn't it.

Your Adrenals should not be fatigued doing such a job, there are people who drive trucks in India 20 hours a day, others who work as prostitutes, your job should be much better, shouldn't it.

Anyway, just begin climbing the mountain. Change a little today, change a little tomorrow, and a little on the weekend. Before long you will be a whole new woman.


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