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Date:   5/7/2016 9:49:47 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Christmas 2013 we surprised our children with a new inside kitten.

Mid January, my four children were spotted with mysterious lesions, on legs, arms, and face.

Ringworm! No big deal.

We would treat with a topical antifungal.

But it kept coming back. Took the cat to the vet and confirmed he was covered from head to tail with rw. He had lots of patchy spots but the breeder of this exotic cat told us it was natural for this breed to molt, which it is.

Early February I found 3 round patches of no hair about the size of nickels on my 4 year olds head.

I checked my two year old and 4 month old and they ALL had several small spits of hair loss.

They also glowed green when we turned off the light and used a black light. Btw, there are different strains of rw and not every strain will glow green.

If you got it from a cat it will. Two of my children were not even old enough for the harsh oral antifungals. Things we tried topically were: every topical cream including prescription strength, prescription antifungals shampoo, homeopathy, Colloidal Silver , ionic copper, ozonated olive oil, mms, mms gasing protocol, dmso, iodine. I'm sure there were more. We stopped and started and tried different remedies for each child at different times. The 4 year old seemed to be getting better on the Iodine so we started them all on it. When we stopped or slowed down treatment it flared up. At one point I stopped treating the baby and I got several spots on my neck and chest from where he rubbed his little head. I knew then Iodine was going to be our cure. (I know this is a banned word but it truly was a cure, or we can call it our miracle)
The treatment:
5% Lugols iodine, a drop or two or three depending on how large he lesion is, 2-3 times daily
It will form a scabby layer. I purchased a very fine toothed baby comb and after shampooing their hair would gently remove this layer when it got thick, about twice a week. This treatment took 2 months of faithful treatment. Then I continued to treat for another full month after the hair all started growing back. We were 100% cured by Thanksgiving. Had I found Iodine back in February when we found the scalp spots we would have all been ringworm free by summer.
The children took nothing internally ever. We made no diet changes. Only topical iodine.
I hope and pray this post will save somebody from the agonizing hours of research desprately searching for a cure for this nasty hard to treat infection. I probably spent hundreds of hours looking and never anywhere did I find anything suggesting iodine for scalp rw. After researching how iodine can kill fungus, cancer cells and has the ability to penetrate, I was hopeful it would be able to penetrate a hair follicle...and it did, lots of them.
I have walked two families through this protocol. One of three with a way worse infection than my kids had and they now have the same testimony as I do.

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