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Re: Frustrated and Infected by HorrifiedUser ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/2/2016 9:02:15 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Thanks MattK3

I appreciate the time you took to write this out.
My situation is still ongoing and have been taking the battle to the infection with different results.

It's difficult to find a doctor who will take you seriously in Canada with this infection. I'm really quite surprised actually. I've lived a 100% medical free life so it's an eye opener for me. I finally found a new doc who would at least listen and actually prescribe what I asked for.

I wanted to troubleshoot things like you would repairing a PC - one item at a time. I asked for a week of praziquantel as it's the only chemical known to eliminate all the adult tapes quickly. I lucked out, managed to acquire 2000 mg's/day for 5 days. Expensive, and as far as I know changed none of my symptoms so that rules out all of the tapes and possibly flukes off my list.

Then I tried yet another full regimen of Vermox, hoping to increase my bio availability in the bloodstream by drinking grapefruit juice. As soon as I took this they went ballistic in places I wasn't aware of.

(I'm aware of one in the upper leg muscle, sometimes the gluteus maximus muscle itself but never an exit symptoms and never itching nor eggs, and lastly it travels back and forth between each leg).

I can feel a presence and movement in my lower intestine when I lay tightly prone against a horizontal surface like a bed or couch. I have a strong striking sensation ( like being bit violently) in GI if I eat sugars like chocolate.

I'm aware that Vermox stops their glucose intake, thereby eliminating them - I haven't seen anything yet. I can tell they don't enjoy Vermox intake but they haven't died yet and it's been 1 week of Vermox treatment.

Disappointed. The doc said there is nothing really out there as a common drug to treat most parasites, and so declared he wont be prescribing any further - now leaving me as a Live host for what I have. I'm pretty depressed. This is having a huge effect on my life. Other people don't understand until they experience such an infection/disease. The worst part is a doc who doesn't believe you after your laboratory tested stool test comes back negative like mine did.

I called the RN Nurse helpline who only offer numbers for local specialists trained in parasitology and infectious diseases. Well forget that - the receptionists were incredibly rude, coldly telling me a referral request only or forget talking to one. Yup - the family doc wont do a referral to a parasitologist when i'am living with them inside me 24/7, lol. Unbelievable.

I can try your recommendation after the Vermox wears off because i don't think it's going to work for the 3rd time. I have no pin worm symptoms. I obviously don't have tape (thankfully), no skin rashes except some tiny Acne in center of back, no scalp itchiness.
Perhaps the Invermectin or Febendazole paste froma vet ( for horses??) might work.

^ Do you need a prescription from a vet for those? It can be difficult in Canada to find some drug types.

Thanks for any help.

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