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Re: Albendazole & praziquantel resistance? by mattk3 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/29/2016 5:05:18 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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PH is always a constant for blood. If not, you would be dead, blood PH only changes by a fraction, every body process will work to keep PH normal, first the body dumps potassium, magnesium, calcium, then it eats your bones to maintain PH.

Peripheral PH is taken on the tongue first thing in the morning using litmus paper. There are kits. It measures a psudo status of your enzyme system. PH 7 is 100% enzyme system function. PH6 is 10% enzyme system function, PH5 is 1% enzyme function.

Get a hair analysis to determine your mineral and metal status. There can be no treatment without a body in balance.

I do not suggest you start any protocol, including mine, unless you know what you are fighting.

The document deals with a systemic fluke infection, that is life and death, and demonstrate the elements required to win.

Many have used the formula for systemic infections. You know you have a systemic fluke infection, when dead rolled up flukes exit your skin, or you get electrical zaps in the back side of the brain. Liver function falls off a cliff. Processing 1 ounce of booze can take 24 hours. Some people turn yellow.

Many have tried the formula for visually identified flatworm infections, including complicated brain infections, with success. It hits flat, and some round worm stages hard. Several persons with brain infections found the formula and the dosing to be about right. Several try doing less PZQ and fail the first time. In total depending on weight, the PZQ used can tally up to 300 Grams, and take 60 days to complete.

The dosing levels and duration are intended for clearing a systemic infection, not for a GI ache, or things easily cleared by simpler means.

If you have a complicated infection, like a complicated roundworm infection, in order to clear the flukes, you may need to suppress roundworm eggs, using Piperazine, DEC, Papain, or other elements.

Keeping a roundworm infection under control, while you deal with a flatworm infection, takes a little bit of doing.


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