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Re: Desperate! Can anyone identify this "thing" that came out of the back of my knee? by #461 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   4/4/2016 4:15:36 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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If it's not that morgellons stuff, get a zapper and do Dr. Clark's deparasiting from 'cure for all diseases' free download here under the book name.

If it's that morgellon stuff, I believe it'd the nanobots. I short circuited mine with EFT. It can be done by (I've learned some shortcuts) tapping under the center of the eye on the ridge bone, under each eye, everyday for a few, or anytime you've been outside with the chemtrails (the nanobots get in thru the porous lung tissue (can't handle the digestive tract) and vaccines.

Anyway, while tapping make the statement that 'my body may not realize it should short circuit any of the invading nanobots'. You body can do way amazing things if you tell it to. :)

I had them in my pancreas. I'm very good at EFT and no matter what I tapped for, I couldn't get it to budge even a little. And EFT will always work if you tap for the right thing so one day my body sort of burped this image of my pancreas to me and it appeared to be swarming with bugs. Yipes--Bugs??Really?? What kind of bug can live inside a human??

Then looking closer, they were moving jerky like a robot--it hit me nanobots. 5-6 years ago, there was a big hoopla about them being the future of medicine, then they disappeared--so the 'elites' could weaponize them obviously. Nobody was aware of them at my spiritual source level even, the 'elites' hid them so carefully.

But after I tapped to short circuit them, for the first time my blood Sugar started dropping. It was the problem. I've a whole post or two about my 'recovery' from that.



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