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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More by BrightSideOfLife ..... SIBO Forum

Date:   4/1/2016 5:25:36 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Sorry but I have been having some problems with my curezone account after attempting to change the email address, which meant that I could not login. I am back in now but the email has been changed back to the old one by the Webmaster and I do not want that email. Therefore things are not yet resolved in this respect. Just a warning that I may not be able to post.

Magnesium: I recommend that you stop using Magnesium CITRATE as this COULD possibly adversely affect your bowel movements. A little may be okay but large amounts could cause diarrhoea. Knowing how much is very difficult so therefore it would be best to avoid using it just in case. I fairly recently started using Magnesium carbonate as it is fairly inexpensive and provides large amount of magnesium (28.8% by my calculations) which is a very important mineral for the human body AND for biofilms but that cannot be helped as it is essential for the human body. Just avoid it at any time you are attempting to attack/disperse the biofilm. You probably require higher than normal doses of magnesium especially as the biofilm is stealing a fair bit of it. If your anything like me then your body probably has higher than normal demands for Magnesium due to all the demands being placed upon it.

Magnesium carbonate is quite poorly absorbed as it requires hydrochloric acid in order to make it more absorbable. I suspect that stomach acid is a big problem for you as it is for me. Therefore it does need to be reacted with an acid to form a magnesium salt in order to make it more absorbable. This can be many different acids as I mentioned which also provide benefit such as important Vitamin c (ascorbic acid).

I use Malic Acid, Ascorbic acid, Pantothenic acid and sometimes other things which are acidic such as Ornithine Alpha Keto Glutarate, Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate and most recently Lysine amino acid which I found is supposed to aid with calcium absorption. I do also supplement calcium carbonate reacted with acids which is terribly slow, much slower than Magnesium Carbonate which is very fast, but I do need calcium for my teeth and bone health and I suspect that if Lysine helps with calcium absorption then it could also help with magnesium absorption although I have not verified that yet.

I react Magnesium Carbonate with the acids, 10ml Mag Carbonate with 2ml Ascorbic acid, approx 1.5ml Malic Acid and the other stuff which pretty much makes the bright milky white Mag carbonate turn clear. I do use some warm water to speed it up but being careful not to damage the ascorbic acid. I used to use Magnesium Malate tablets which worked fairly well but the current Magnesium Carbonate with Malic Acid/Ascorbic acid works out a lot cheaper weight for weight and has additional benefits. Although not so convenient being a liquid rather than a tablet.

You say frequent BMS? Or irregular BMS? Constipation alternating with diarrhoea? I suggest that you stop the Magnesium citrate and see if it helps settle things. If not then you might have IBS (Irritable Bowel) which can happen when these bacteria setup home in the stomach because it also affects the transverse colon due to the effect it has on the human nervous system. Sometimes along with the pituitary AND hypothalamus if it attacks at a certain location. If it does this then it can badly affect many body systems.

The lecithin, any form that you like, I use powdered sunflower lecithin mixed in water with a hand blender, would help with constipation, but note that it can and does loosen the bowel. The constipation is caused by using up Choline which is supplied along with other important nutrients by lecithin. It supplies important nutrients for cell membranes and also helps the liver function, helping to prevent fatty liver, detox and methylation.

At one time I was using 100 gramms mixed in 500ml of water which produces a fairly thick lecithin and then consuming 12 teaspoons at a time twice daily. That helped me a lot and loosened my bowel to a nice degree. I did work up to the 12 tsp because the correct dosage is needed, otherwise diarrhoea can occur. I am now taking much less at around 3 to 4 tsp.

Chances are that methylation has been severely disrupted in your body and the methylation cycle has stopped. Getting it working again has proved very difficult for me, so difficult due to the severe permeability of my digestive system that I pretty much gave up attempting to get it restarted and now just supplement with methyl groups via methyl type supplements such as methylcobalamin, methylfolate and fairly large amounts (6-8ml per dose) of MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane). The MSM does tend to help my mood to some degree probably due to more effective SAMe production which has been shown to help the mood.

You would need to react Magnesium carbonate or it will not absorb. It works out fairly cheaply and I did need to reduce costs which is why I now use it. You need magnesium but you could use a different form if it is more convenient but it would be much more costly. The amino acid chelates are fairly good but expensive. Mag Malate less so but still a lot more than the mag carbonate even after purchasing the other acids such as ascorbic acid and malic acid. Malic acid commonly comes from apples BTW. It does aid energy production and is sold by body building stores online.

For Biofilms, EDTA can be helpful, you can see that interfase plus contains small amounts but not enough IMO. Alone it is not enough to defeat a biofilm but it can be helpful.

BTW I take Cinnamon myself for other reasons, circulation mainly and it has little effect. However I am looking for Cinnamon bark essential oil which is meant to be a very strong antibacterial. I want some to hit the bacteria with after I have dropped the biofilm. Using liposomes might be helpful in this too if cinnamon essential oil can be incorporated into lipsomes with lecithin, so you see the powdered lecithin could also come in useful here too. There is a website that details producing liposomal vitamin C and also mentions using the process to treat a health problem/infection? he had so it might be helpful along with other things.

Liposomal Vitamin C can be very helpful and I wanted to make some myself so I would be getting what I need to do that anyway so I might as well apply that to liposomal cinnamon eo.

As I already mentioned, the bacteria has not been identified, they do not yet even know that an infection is the cause of hyper permeability of the digestive system and autoimmune illness so I would not waste any time searching for it because it will not exist.

The d- form aminos there is piles of information available about research on these aminos and biofilms online. If you search for the four amino acids and the word biofilm it should show lots of research studies. The only thing is that the research is often in respect of certain defined bacteria, which in our situation is unknown! Therefore I cannot say for certain that it will work, only that I believe that it stands the best chance of anything IMO.

I have looked for a supplier, not very much is required, probably less than a gram. It's only tiny amounts that trigger the dispersal when the biofilm is stressed causing the take up of the amino acids. Here something like interfase plus might be of benefit to attack the biofilm and force the take up of the amino acids and then trigger the biofilm to disperse. That is the idea anyway but I cannot say that I know for sure that it will work. There are so many unknowns, I cannot honestly say that I am certain.

For that reason I have been reluctant in spending a lot on the aminos and the only place that I have found so far that seem like that they may sell the required aminos was more expensive than I wanted to gamble.

The only other option is using bacteria. I was drawn to bacillus subtilis [BS] which is used in many probiotics for it's benefits. The GAPS diet has supplements containing this bacteria and that aims to restore bowel function which biofilms are an important part. From my reading it seems that BS produces a number of things which can affect biofilms such as enzymes, surfaceactins and I believe that they also may produce very tiny amounts of the d- amino acids. If you think about it that would make sense if they are to defeat other bacteria then they must get inside their biofilms. The problem I see is that these quantities will be extremely small and it's effectiveness might be more limited than the pure amino acids which is why I favour the amino acids rather than a bacteria. BS also produce anti bacterial substances so they have multiple effects against other bacteria. For some strange reason I also do not like the idea of blasting BS with strong anti bacterials such as cinnamon eo after them working for me to help defeat the biofilm. It seems unfair IMO. I would therefore prefer the amino acids.

Some people on Amazon? reviewed some soil based bacteria which are similar to BS such as bacillus coagulans, BS is a soil based bacteria itself and they reported that they were effective against similar situations. Not conclusive by any means but I suspect that BS might be helpful. I have been trying to culture BS using a yoghurt maker but the temperature is a bit too high.

""Vitamin c, 1,000mg, l-glutamine powder, two tsp a day for gastritis, turmeric and cucurmin(sp?), a vitamin b complex, once daily, a d3 supplement, once daily. I take just the recommended dose for all of this, not in excess at all. I also just recently started coildial silver…but not sure it’s the greatest brand.""

Vitamin C is very helpful, you might not be getting enough if you are only taking 1g/day. I have been increasing it as much as I can, adding ascorbic acid to the magnesium carbonate as part of the acid/base reaction. I take it in powder form, often 2 to 3ml a dose several times a day, 1ml is around 700 or so mg. It does also help reduce histamine in reasonable dosages but higher dosages can cause an increase in histamine.

L-glutamine is one of those supplements that everyone recommends for leaky gut but it cannot work because the bacterial biofilm prevents healing! Until the bacteria are destroyed the normal digestive mucosa cannot be restored. The biofilm prevents all of this. I do not know how they do it but that is what happens. These infections persist for many many years. Until they are defeated the digestive system and the hyper permeability which is what causes all the immune and detox problems cannot be solved.

However L-Gluatamine is an important amino acid in Glutathione production which your body will have very high demands for, although it is only one of the three required aminos among other nutrients in glutathione production. I supplement with Glutamine, NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Glycine which I have to be careful with because it tends to produce a calming/sedative effect which I do not need. The other one is Methionine amino acid which I also have to be careful with due to issues with this amino acid and homocysteine which can be damaging to my circulatory system. A family history of circulatory disease suggests a strong indication of a MTHFR defect which can raise homocysteine due to poor folate handling/conversion. I do supplement with methyltetrahydrofolate to help and this also supplies small amounts of methyl groups which are in great demand. However very tiny amounts which is why I also supplement with MSM. The methylation cycle is all tied up with mood which can be helpful to me. I suspect that I am still deficient of something despite supplementing with quite large amounts of nutrients. It's difficult to determine what, although a desire/appreciation of certain foods and their contents might help indicate what the nutrient might be. My doctors lousy & inadequate testing has not shown up anything so far.

Turmeric/Curcumin can be helpful and might be of some benefit in regard to any adverse immune function and can help with liver/gallbladder stimulation which might be helpful. I do take some Turmeric and was taking Curcumin fairly recently but costs meant I had to drop the curcumin. I get very significantly less from Turmeric. Black pepper can be helpful in preventing Curcumin/turmeric breakdown in the liver. Black pepper is traditionally used with Turmeric, it's surprising how they instinctively knew of it's benefit.

B Complex is essential, however what it contains should be checked because Riboflavin-5-phospate (R-5-P) the form of vitamin B2 that the body needs is essential and plain/cheap Riboflavin Vitamin B2 is a lot less useful as it requires activation which further uses up limited resources. Vitamin B6 should be Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate the form of Vit B6 that the body can use rather than plain old Vit B6 which also requires activating. R-5-P is required by the thyroid and for methylation processes so I would make sure that you get a pretty large amount of this. I take 25mg of this several times a day, typically 3 times. It is important, with Vit C for the uptake of Iodine by the thyroid to produce T4. Tyrosine amino+Magnesium+B12+Zinc are important to produce TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

T4 to active T3 requires an enzyme produced from Selenium mineral and Selenium is essential to many body processes including Glutathione production. I take selenium (100ug) many times per day, usually 3x +200ug in Life Extension 2 per day, so fairly high levels, ignore 200ug because that is far too insufficient.

Vit D3 can be helpful as it is required for normal thyroid function along with numerous other nutrients, including Magnesium.

Colloidal Silver is probably a waste of time TBH, it's a working stomach that you need, which would deal with any problems with SIBO.

I did come across Colloidal Silver myself fairly recently and did consider it to use against the bacteria but so far I have not got any further with investigating it. However it's usefulness I doubt.

You would probably be better off finding a liquid extract, a sort of concentrated tincture of 1:1 rather than tincture 5:1 of Goldenseal LEAF, not the root! It has been shown to be useful in deactivating bacterial efflux pumps which stops them eliminating poisons and helps with their destruction. However so far I have not been able to get any.

Europe is a real sh*th*le of Drug company interference with the scandal that is the THMPD and the drug companies attempting to stop people from treating themselves with big influence in Brussels. That is a big reason why I will be voting for the UK to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum and attempting to convince anyone I speak to, to do the same if they value their health. Brussels has been attempting to limit the quantities of so many nutrients and preventing access to so many herbs that I want out of that sh*th*le that is the EU. They can go screw themselves! I believe that I have a right to maintain my own health in the way that I see fit without interference from anyone. Doctors know nothing about real health, a Doctors "practic(s)e" is a very apt term IMO lol However I doubt that any amount of practising will help them get any better at it, not in my experience anyway.

BTW where abouts are you? I might be able to recommend a few places to look for decent priced supplements which might be helpful. At least if you are in the same continent.

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