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My #1 supplement for anxiety by John247247 ..... Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Date:   2/29/2016 4:31:01 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi I have anxiety, deprresion and OCD dude to smoking weed. Don't know why there isn't a forum for this, I know so many people online saying the same thing. I'm currently trying to detox and cleanse because that seems to be the only option. But just trying to put a quick input here just to help anyone out with anxiety or depression. I know how much of a bitch it can be. There's a huge difference between myself with anxiety and manageable anxiety. This past summer I asked my naturopath what is the #1 thing you would recommend for anxiety. He offered me Serelax or a product from metagenics. I researched Serelax and found that it has many good reviews and people saying it helped them or a loved one a lot. I also looked at the ingredients and it has skullcap, kava, gaba, l-theanine, Valerian root, and a lot of other herbs. These things have been proven to be effective for anxiety and depression. I have tried a lot of things for anxiety and Depression and this has made the biggest difference for me by far. Now I know what you are thinking right now. Is this real or just a another guy either trying to sell a product or just had a rare success. Well I always think that when reading stuff like this so no worries. Kava is superior to placebo in anxiety, skullcap superior vs placebo for mood. You can search all these up on google scholar. I can't post links. There's a real 30 day money back guarantee. The website looks like one of those scam products that you see but the actual product and service is real. The product itself costs $40 with shipping. This is not one of those SSRIs or anti psychotics, it's safe and the only real side effects I got from it was not being able to cognitively think as deeply, I was just kind of living. Like I would do well in school in person, but had no motivation for homework. One major key thing I would add to this and this is a an actual major key advice is that I would take l-l-phenylalanine and a multi vitamin with this. Reason why is that Serelax is serotonin dominant so to balance it out give yourself some dopamine. That's just my theory. Also kava is damaging to the liver if you take it for a while so I would take a liver support. THIS IS IMPORTANT. It stopped being as effective when I stopped taking all my supplements which included l-phenylalanine. But it's still very effective to where it's my social crutch, but not as effective like the first time where I was so happy and relaxed that I just went outside in the morning. Let me get this one thing straight though, this will not solve all your problems. I still had anxiety and tingling in my face in high pressure situations like playing a varsity game. But this will very much give you a glimpse of hope and might be your own crutch. OH and for OCD, I take inositol.

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