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Re: PMDD and Neurotoxins by slowsmile ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   1/17/2016 8:18:48 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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If you want to use olive oil then that is certainly your own decision.

Here are my reasons for avoiding all vegetale oils.

1. Vegetable oils, when eaten in such large quantities, are completely unnatural for the body. The majority of oils we eat are chemically produced polyunsaturated vegetable oils. What does that mean? It means that all vegetable oils are unstable and oxidize easy to trans fats at high heat and in the sunlight. I also include olive oil in this category. Olive oil is a monounsaturated oil that has one unsaturated bond that can be easily oxidized. That means that you should never use olive oil for deep frying or shallow frying -- otherwise it will oxidize.

2. Up until the 1900s, the natural fats in our diet consisted mainly of tallow, lard and butter in the West. We have been eating these oils for thousands of years(so that's what our genes want). And these are all saturated fats. What are the advantages of saturated fats? They will not be oxidized at high heat or in the sun because all their chemical bonds are saturated and strong. And in this earleir period, with a diet of saturated fats, there was no chronic auto-immune disease -- no heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Altzheimers, Parkinsons, MS, Lyme etc that are evident today in such high, logarithmic numbers.

3. I have nothing against omega 3, 6 & 9 oils if they are fresh, natural(unprocessed) and used in the correct smaller amounts and ratios. Trouble is our diets today consist of huge amounts of mainly chemically manufatured RBD omega 6 oils that are effectively dead oils containing high trans fats. Same argument with margarine which has no natural organic source but can entirely and accurately be described as a for-profit chemical food that is equally as bad for you.  

4. I have recently also read that exporters of virgin olive oil are now adding RBD canola oil to their oils to make more money. So how can you be so sure that the bottle of olive oil you bought in the supermarket is 100% fresh olive oil? To my own way of thinking I would only ever use the freshest olive oil because it is a monounsaturated oil that will oxidize quickly in sunlight over time. 

I must also add that I have been using virgin coconut oil -- a saturated fat -- for all my cooking over the last eight years. I also used VCO to good effect against my candida problem by the tablespoonful. From the research, raw VCO will kill any enveloped virus, bacteria or fungus. It stops Alzheimers Disease in its tracks. VCO is also very useful if you are constipated or you have low energy or if you have diabetes. And even when I took VCO in such large amounts for my candida issues -- I actually lost weight. I also find it strange that my BP has been at 70/110 for the last 8 years despite using VCO everyday. Isn't my blood pressure supposed to go up when I eat saturated oils?

Some research on VCO:

Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Research

It's all bula bula out there on veg oils(including olive oil). VCO, in my own humble opinion, has far more health benefits than olive oil. Don't believe the veg oil hype. I'm 65 yo and I've never been healthier.



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