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Re: Parasites or food and mucus? by illys / elisah ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/7/2015 1:47:57 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I can see your images (listed under the same username) here: //

When you upload an image, always copy the URL (address) of the picture (s)
Copying is done by click-dragging your mouse over the address listed for your picture, right-clicking, and choosing copy..
.. and then opening a text editor like notepad on your computer, right clicking in it, and choosing 'paste'.
That should put the address in the text editor for later use.

And then put them into the post using those addresses.
In case you're confused, here's what a URL looks like;

To get it to display on your post, the easiest thing to do is, before writing the post, use the 'select a different editor' links.

The plain text editor is what loads by default when you choose to post a new message.
I find it easiest to put in images by clicking on 'MCE'.
Up above the posting window, it looks like this:

Select Different Editor : CK FCK MCE

Those abbrebviations are different types of text editors written to work inside a web browser.
The MCE editor has a button in the toolbar(s) for inserting images. It looks like a framed photo of a tree.

Clicking it will bring up a box to the foreground of your browser (all the rest of the page contents get temporarily grayed out).

What you need is to copy the image address (Image URL), from where you stored it temporarily (the text editor on your computer), and paste it (select, right-click, copy..)

... copy it into the box that pops up when you click the 'insert/edit image' (button that looks like the photo of a tree)
... by moving your mouse cursor over the input box for 'Image URL', right-clicking, and choosing 'paste'.

Using Curezone is like taking a time machine 15 years into the past.. ;)

Sorry, I do not have experience analysing these sort of photos.
It will really help if you describe your most recent medical history ( Antibiotic use, etc), what condition you are trying to address, if you are doing any parasite cleansing protocols (herbs, spices like cayenne, pumpkin seed oil, herbs like Wormwood , minerals like iodine, etc).
It always helps to have an idea of the larger picture. (*laugh* at least metaphorically speaking)

There is most certainly mucous in the samples you have photographed. Mucous will form on both food particles and dead parasites, but dead parasites will typically be digested by their internal gut flora before reaching the descending colon.

Was it a high enema, or a low, first time enema? The difference is that in one you massage the water from left to right across the space just under your ribcage during the waterflow.

--- edit ---
Pfffbh. I can see that the URL I listed (they always start with http:// ) got automatically converted into an image. Anyways... just keep track of your uploaded image addresses and then paste them into the forum post they are intended for! ;-)


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