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Re: Two Year Update! Still Cured by fcuk ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/2/2015 7:37:10 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Lets be honest nobody really hates anybody here, nobody hates Daniel either. It's just a frustrating condition that mentally affects everyone and obviously the questions are gonna fly out from all angles when someone reports a cure!

Plus it's hard to think that most of us get this by rubbing biting creams or whatever and the way to cure it is to rub cream on them constantly during the day.

If it was applying cream on them very lightly every 15mins as to not create more trauma then fine that sounds plausible! But if you read Healing9000 posts he tells people to rip the crusts off and slather it on etc as if you can rub the shit out of them without it mattering! And the cured video Daniel posted he showed how to apply it which wasn't lightly as he rubbed/smooched his lips together etc, which is perfectly fine if your lips are cured like the video was claiming. But is that really how it was being applied from the very start? Hard to get my head around it if so!

See that's one of the biggest questions that people have about this method! We've all tried this method to a certain degree and when your lips burn / blister etc it's like really I must stop this feels wrong. So one of the biggest questions is how to apply the god damn shit lol.

If Daniel left his lips alone for months so no trauma and then one day the crusts came off softly in shower and he decided/started the procees of applying the cream kinda lightly until they were cured to the point were he could just apply/rub it in like a normal person. That sounds plausable!

But like ripping crusts off like Healing9000 said or even applying it like a person with normal lips and smooching your both lips together, doesn't sound right at all!

It is good that you're posting a new video Daniel.


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