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Re: Hibiscus flowers(Jamaica) by warriorone ..... Hypertension Alternatives Forum

Date:   10/1/2015 6:54:53 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I started drinking Rosa's hibiscus from the health food store, super expensive.
Like 6 dollars a bottle
I would drink at least one or two bottles a day.

I had my period on the 10th of September 2015
and now again on the first of October 2015
They say it promotes menstruation and if you're pregnant don't drink it.
I had my period twice in a month, FYI everone:)

I'm still drinking it and will see if anything is different for next month.
I feel an overall sense of well-being when I drink it.
I also have uterine fibroids which may be the reason why hibiscus tea is affecting me this way.
It could be shrinking my fibroids.
I read it's good for high blood pressure so I went to the Mexican market and bought tons of it for my grandmother who does have high blood pressure.
She's been taking medication for 20 years and is afraid to drink the tea.

Another thing, when I drink it sweetened with honey, it makes me ravenous, increases my appetite, but when I drink it unsweetened, my appetite is normal.
I have a pretty good mind body connection so I noticed that.
If you're trying to lose weight, drink it unsweetened.

I was listening to a lecture with Daniel Vitalis and he says herbs affect us in special ways, and I started paying more attention to herbs and how they make me feel and when I drink hibiscus tea, it makes me clean my apartment. Could be a coincidence but I feel it gives me the urge to clean and organize.
Just a random thought.
Please share your experiences with Hibiscus tea.

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