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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help by skyblid ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/18/2015 4:39:12 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi, thankyou for taking the time too post the list for me, I am so grateful :)
I have been busy going to doctors yesterday today
and getting kno-where, how do they get away with charging for not doing anything. so i saw the Dermatologist dude yesterday and he took a look at my head and when I said bugs I cant see biting me, he wheeled across the room and said thank you have a good day and reffered me to another dr.
I have been fighting these mites/lice for a month know, they keep coming back
I have done so much laundry with double dryer time >its not killing them
I have been cleaning my apt while i have some strength & half a clear brain, i have to scrub down the bathroom ceiling to floor w/bleach to get rid of mold everywhere! then i got too paint.
its really too much for me, but gotta do it as that mold makes me very sick! ,so i will prolly not be around for a few days while i get the work done while i still can
> off track
so i left his office got home and found out I wreck'd my car @! apparently I hit the curb wrong and it went under the front of car and broke the oil filter housing and its bleeding oil profusely, so great no i have car, "landmines"
man everytime i blink' something else is broke
>back on trac
oh ya, the gerd /acid reflux was real bad I just about puked it up , approx 5-10 days after the PinX.
I barely ever have gerd or gas pretty calm digestion I think maybe? who know's ? not me
so when I get gerd I notice,ya not sure if it was msm or not i was also taking some other things
> so my list, ya i just wanted to get your opinion if some of them were not any good and that i needed to switch too better kind when i get more, most of those supplements i got at the beginning of this year , as kinda a present too myself too improve my health, flush liver / Gallstones ,
>I just bought some of those , like the mag/pot/msm/sea salt, I could'nt get pot-citrate only that asporate or glucanate= I got them from the local health food store its just a few blocks away, but i am finding out very expensive! the potasium asporate was $12 the msm was $20
> I am gonna make order online ,but have too wait till next week, as these supplements are expensive even online & i am poor
and will have to max out credit too get some , i cant afford all of those, i dont have enough credit
>>>my goal is trying to get a good baseline of top priority supplements
when all this started with the parasites in February i spent a lot trying to stop them , i got the Albadenza and that cleared them up until know 3 mths later! and this has started all over :(
I cant waste any more $$$ I have probably already spent too much, by that I mean i wont have enough $$$ too buy cure myself, i am unable too work & dont have trustfund :(
but gonna hit lotto :)
that Valbazen Pour-on is $100 for 1L
how much did the pills cost you approx' 30day supply?
the piperazine I cant even find
i have maybe 400ml of IVM left it was $75 @ amazon

i got way off track with my list, its basically every supplement i have, so i need a lot more
that prostate formula i got on special, tho i do have a enlarged prostate> why i bought it
but my liver treatments say no >st john wort
a lot of the supplements i got for my liver/too flush & support it
i think =i didn't do very well as i dont know much about vitamins & minerals & herbs & medicine
or the best place too buy them
but I am trying & learning and asking other more knowledge people for help & advice
gtg these bugs are bite the crap out of me,
i bet i picked them up in that doctors office, sitting in that dirty chair waiting , uck!
any tips advice on a decent baseline of supplmts to try and get some
ahh gotta go these bugs are bothering me badly


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