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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help by skyblid ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/15/2015 7:05:43 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Yes , I have calmed down a bit and got sleep the past couple days, much needed sleep. Man i was so sick , when that confusion/mem-loss/ coordination-loss/ extreme-fatigue/Headaches hit you are pretty much incapacitated
I think the key was PH, I did emergency 4 teaspoons baking soda a day, to regain some green PH levels as they were going red and acid reflux gerd was coming up into mouth, I never have gerd or gas. I suspect the MSM & Toxins was crashing my PH and forcing the worms from gut, I did stop all supplements for past two days as i felt the need to regain PH was critical and I am feeling much better, I will cut the baking soda today and see if PH holds tomm. if so I will restart supplements ,I was taking 4000mg of MsM w 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda not sure if thats too much as the container of MsM said you can take a max 4000mg twice a day, I think i'll restart at 1000mg a day.
so I am feeling a bit better know 1 week after dosing IVM/PinX , I believe i'll have a couple weeks here where I have clear brain function & energy to get supplies ordered / house cleaned/ wash laundered / prepare to start the parasite cleanse, just getting all supply's & prepare house is a major task. I have some doctor appt in next couple weeks also
> can my GP also order a vitiman test? as well hair/mineral/metals i will have too ask them too.

so I wanted too ask you about some of my supplements.
so the Ivermectin Cattle Pour-on by Durvet or_Bimedia
is this bad? should I get the apple flavored stuff?

so I have a bunch but some things are different
Creon digestion enzymes
Lovaza fish oil (omega 3 ethyl esters)

Kirkland brand
vitiman E 400ui
mature multi over 50 +minerals low iron
vitiman c 1000mg w/rosehips bioflavonoid complex
glucosamine 1500mg w/MSM 1500mg
b-12 5000mcg quick dissolve
stool softner
True Nature
vitiman D3 5000ui
astaxanthin 6mg
CoQ10 200mg
Wal-Dryl diphenhydramine 25mg
Nature Made
vitiman super B-Complex
Spring Valley
vitiman B-6 100mg
Doctors Best
comprehensive prostate formula
Milk Thistle 150mg
Zinc Balance
Selenium Synergy
Glutathione reduced 500mg
Colostrum 500mg
Alpha Lipoic Sustain w/biotin 500mg
Now Foods
Kelp Caps-250mg w/325mcg-iodine w/150mg-dusle
Oregano Oil (min 55% carvacrol)
Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator
Ceyenne 500mg
aged garlic extract 600mg
Life Extension
Boron 3mg
Source Naturals
magnesium citrate 133mg
N-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg
Potassium Asporate 99mg
Ultra Botanicals
MSM powder
Bobs Redmill
Baking Soda
Starwest Botanicals
Charcoal Powder Activated
Bulk Foods Local Health Food Store
Spiralina powdered
Epsom Salt usp
himalayan pink Sea Salt
Eden Sea Salt french celtic
castor oil
coconut oil
olive oil
sunflower & red palm
mineral oil
green tea
chamomile tea
chanca piedra
black pepper
white pepper
yellow mustard
well i am gonna wrap-up this post
I know I got alot to get , I want to get the correct things I have concerns about some of the above products , so if you see some that need to be changed please say: so i can get the correct supplement, like that potasium asporate is that ok? as i could not get citrate at local store
I am gonna make acct @ swansons and make order this week
also i have to still find place too buy alba
all i can find is Valbazen on ebay or vet stores like:

is the cattle pour-on ok? where can i buy those pills? I know a couple people using the Valbazen but i dont think there results are good.

Yes , I believe I am heavily infested with maybe more than one species, with infection more than 4 yrs ago. I am making list of possibly exposure's
tainted food
african ex-girl
south america
being top of list, been cross checking symtoms on CDC website and does'nt look good, i really got to identify what parasite's I am infected with fast, as the African& south America one are Deadly and time has run out at 4yrs rite know.
>so i definately need to use caution and use the slow ramp up treatment approach.
with the side effects from the IVM & Alba treatment they suggest african > that girl was very pissed off when i broke up with her,
man if she has done this too me, thats murder
> so i need to FOCUS and keep on task
#1get the proper supplements ,
#2 get them ordered
#3 get doctors to order proper tests

so another side effect of the IVM & Alba
has been that the severe constipation I was suffering from before treatment is gone! no stool softners needed, no castor oil , no dulco-lax nothing needed, working great has nice brown color, but i also have gas know Farts loL never had gas while having that severe constipation, so bad it would turn the first 6-8 inches to a rock over nite! and once you got a big rock blocking everything, man it hurts I have been to ER several times in past 4 yrs for impacting!
>>but its gone! this also happpened last time I was treated w anithelmintics 3-4 mths ago!
constipation came back with re-festation.
so wonder if its auto-reinfestation or if my inviornment is so contaminated as i have been spreading eggs for year. speaking of eggs
I am still trying to find piperazine any help ?

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